There are a lot of strains to choose from when it comes to inducing euphoria. Sativas, indicas, and hybrids are all capable of producing euphoric effects, so it comes down to personal preference. Whether it’s been a long week and you just want to laugh and let go, or you’re trying to become closer to nature and joyously frolic in her fields, these strains will help you get there.

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Best Sativa Strains To Feel Euphoria

Jack the Ripper

Named after the famous serial killer, this train is a predominantly-sativa hybrid with strong effects. If you’re a newer smoker, you may want to start slow with this one as it has been described as paranoia-inducing.

Users find this strain hits them with waves of euphoria, boosting creativity and helping them get on the move. While it does a great job of lifting spirits, it can also increase anxiety in some and should be used in small amounts for the best euphoria.

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It has a sweet, lemony taste and is sometimes described as having “psychedelic effects” in high doses.

Wonder Woman

Wonder woman iStock / eugenesergeev

This strain is another mostly-sativa mix with strong cerebral effects. Its mood-enhancing qualities make it a popular choice for relief from anxiety and depression.

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Users describe Wonder Woman as an uplifting strain that helps with creativity and focus. It has a calming effect as well, making it less likely that users will become overwhelmed by the stimulation.

NYC Diesel

This strain has won nine different Cannabis Cup awards, proving it to be a popular choice among the connoisseurs.

A popular choice to wake and bake with, NYC diesel is energizing and assists with creativity. These effects are sometimes countered by a strong sense of relaxation over the body, which can take away some of that initial energy.

The strain tastes citrusy and sweet, a delightful taste paired with euphoric effects. It’s a popular favorite for many reasons, with feelings of happiness as just one of the many positive effects.

Best Indica Strains To Feel Euphoria

Wedding Cake

Wedding cake on stage for the wedding reception ceremony and big lighting disco ball in ballroom. iStock / toondelamour

A tantalizing cross between Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies, Wedding Cake is a potent, indica-leaning strain with euphoric effects.

Users may find increased awareness of senses followed by a certain giddiness. It can provide a warm, comfortable sense of heaviness throughout the body. This body high can eventually become couchlock if users overdo it.

With a tangy, sour flavor and calming but euphoric effects, Wedding Cake is a pleasant choice for relaxing and winding down while getting a nice dose of euphoria.


Be careful with this indica heavy strain, as it comes with an intense high best suited for tolerant users. That is unless you aren’t looking so much for euphoria as you are sleep. The name comes from its strong fruity, berry-like flavor.

Shiskaberry has a great head high that can boost social skills and provide feelings of euphoria. It can help users get focused to get their work done, but if they’re not careful, it can easily turn into a snoozing session as the rest of the high makes its way in.

The strain can reach up to 26% THC, but the average is about 18%, making it much more accessible for newer users.

It’s a good choice for inducing euphoria not too long before bed because it has powerful sedative effects.

Best Hybrids To Induce Euphoria


Set Mos Espa - many scenes in the Star War serieis were filmed at this location iStock / Privizer

This 50/50 split between indica and sativa is a great choice for people with a lower tolerance, as it usually tops off at about 15% THC. While Skywalker is great for inducing euphoria, if users aren’t careful, they may end up dozing off.

Users like to use this strain for times of relaxation and low stakes. It’s probably best to avoid using this one if you have a long to-do list for the day.

Still, this strain has powerful euphoria-inducing effects that many people use to help counter their depression or anxiety.

Orange Kush

This is a powerful strain sitting as a nice 50/50 hybrid with THC levels ranging from 13 and 24%. It offers feelings of relaxation paired with a strong sense of happiness.

As its name suggests, Orange Kush has a lovely citrus flavor with hints of spice. It can lead to couchlock, but when users prevent themselves from getting too comfy in the couch, they tend to experience increased social abilities and a heightened mood.

It’s also a great choice for finding relief from aches and pains as well as lack of appetite. If you’re just looking for a relaxing, happy time, Orange Kush is a solid choice.