NYC Diesel

About NYC Diesel

NYC Diesel is a mostly Sativa hybrid that has won 9 different cannabis cup awards (though not every award has been for first place).The strain produces a citrus sweet, often described as red grapefruit, flavor that is tinged with just a bit of diesel. Such a rare taste delivers a powerful high that most often energizes users and activates their minds. This activation usually comes coupled with uplifting feelings of euphoria and a burst of insightful creativity.

Accompanying these effects are a mildly numbing body stone that can cause some users, especially new users, to feel more lazy and in need of a seat or sleep. NYC Diesel also comes with a powerful “munchies effect” and the common downsides of dry mouth and eyes, paranoia, headaches and dizziness. Typically, this Sativa strain is used as ‘wake and bake’ medication to start off many medical users' day full of energy, but for some it may need to be relegated to afternoon use as its high can be quite powerful.

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As with many other cerebral highs, NYC Diesel is often chosen by patients seeking relief from stress, anxiety and depression related disorders. Even so the strain’s bodily effects are strong enough that they may make mild to moderate chronic aches and pains more manageable. Finally the powerful munchies effect is useful to those looking to increase their appetite and beat various eating disorders.

Typical Effects


Common Usage

A Loss of Appetite
A Loss of Appetite

NYC Diesel comes from Soma Seeds and as the story goes Soma received these seed from a friend in the Big Apple. The friend claimed that the stuff in the bag was the best he had ever had and since the guy had dreads down to the floor, Soma believed him and kept a couple. Reportedly the genetics for this strain are a cross between a Mexican Sativa and an Afghani. Capable of growing both indoors and out, this strain does best inside. Unfortunately many stray from trying to grow this strain as the flowering can take up to 85 days.

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May 27, 2022

Dylan Robinson

This strain works absolutely textbook perfect with my brains chemstry.It provides an ultra strong cerebral high that focuses on creativity and euphoria, with minimal giggles and munchie cravings. This is the strain to go hiking to. Period. End of discussion. You will experience nature in new ways if you dab this on a lower to middle tolerance. So with my chemistry, (I have high functioning autism, and bipolar disorder type 2), this strain provides incredible relief from both disorders. Please note I am taking my prescribed doctors medicine with the OK of my cannabis use during the medicine therapy and cannabis therapy. I have no bad side effects. This strain may make you drowsy with its strong cerebral high. This is my go to strain whenever it’s available. Thanks to my local dispensary in town, I now have it on the regular. I would highly recommend this if you’ve tried train wreck, super silver haze, or green crack. You may just convert. Best diesel strain there is, and my number 1 sativa. 15 years smoking experience.

March 8, 2022


Been the best for 30 years for A reason

August 3, 2021


NYC Diesel is one of our favorites and definitely a strain we would repurchase. The buds had a sweet, citrusy scent and taste reminiscent of Tangie. The effects were euphoric, creative, uplifting and energetic.

May 12, 2020

Green Machine

Tried several from several different breeders. Soma seems to have the OG and the better quality usually. Not that I’ve ever been disappointed in anyone’s version. True rating would be 9.3/10. Safe choice for a Sativa dominant daytime medication.

March 18, 2020

Adam H Algutifan

Love this strain, helps immensely with my depression, bipolar, and ADHD