What is Crumble Wax & How Do You Smoke it?

Everything you should know about wax before buying.

First there was Shatter, then there was budder or badder (a waxen, marzipan looking wax that is Shatter that has been whipped). Well, now it’s time to learn about Crumble. The versatile, if not delicate weed concentrate whose yellow, rigid texture has given it the nicknames Honey Comb or pie crust. 

Crumble is a derivative of budder which has been being purified at a lower heat for an extended period of time, drying out the crumble to give it it’s unique, malleable texture and color.  Like most concentrates, Crumble is wildly potent with THC levels as high as 90%. 

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How To Partake In Crumble

Crumble’s mind-blowing high is complemented by its versatility in the ways you can ingest it. 


Dabbing was made for wax. The nailhead allows for a more attenuable amount of crumble to hit with your torch. It might be the best way to approach this powerful substance. 

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Smoking or Twaxing

Crumble can be used like Kief, mixed with some dried weed in a joint or a blunt. You can sprinkle it over some buds and be packed into a bong. The results are less clean as the dab. But will definitely turbo boost your everyday weed. 

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Until recently, vaping was not a great option. Now, with the cannabis industry embracing the future of weed extracts there is a slew of vape pens that have chambers built-in for extracts. A vaporizer is a binary instrument used best for one substance at a time. There are also portable vaporizers specifically designed for wax. 

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Because Crumble has been purified to such an extent, you need to store it out of sunlight in a cool, dark place in an airtight container to slow down its already natural degradation. Prolonged exposure to air and sunlight will dry it out even further making it really difficult to work with. 

It seems like every week there are new ways to get high. Always keep in mind that extracts and concentrations are not for the beginner and if you’re new to weed you want to start out slowly with small portions. 

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