The G Pen Hyer impressed us even more than expected. It solves the majority of issues that traditional e-nails have, and improves upon some modern iterations as well. Set up is easy, using the unit is easy, and cleaning is easy. It doesn’t feel bulky, awkward, or outright dangerous the way that other e-nails have in the past. 

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G Pen Hyer Product Review: Overview

We really enjoyed the sleek, straightforward design. As much as some on the crew can be picky snobs when it comes to features and settings, the Hyer has done away with everything unnecessary, and in doing so, has streamlined the experience.

The $250 price tag feels like a worthy investment thanks to the overwhelmingly enjoyable dabbing experience and quality of the build. You should treat your unit with care, but not a single element feels fragile.

An unboxing image of the Gpen Hyer dabbing device in a black travel box The G Pen Hyer comes with a great to-go travel case. photo credit

Pricewise, if you’re comparing it to something like the Puffco Peak Pro or similar offerings, it’s a much easier ticket price to stomach, and you’d still have cash left over for a nice glass rig. If you already own a nice glass rig, this will let you show it off, while still maintaining the same easy functionality of a top-of-the-line e-rig.

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Read on for our full review of this excellent dabbing device. Also, you can get an extra 5% off for a limited time using the code: HOLIDAY5.



The first thing I did when I unboxed the G Pen Hyer unit was to take a look at the instructions, then watched the introduction video. There’s a note that mentioned charging the unit to full power before using it the first time, so I paused there to plug it in, and I’m glad I did. This is a common step with most modern chargeable devices, and often you’re waiting around for an hour or two before you can actually try your shiny new device.

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Much to my relief, the unit was nearly done charging by the time I’d finished watching the video and looking over the manual (thank you, USBC charging cable). I considered that as a score in the win column and continued on.

I was excited and ready to try it out, but instantly realized an obstacle: the Hyer didn’t fit on my dab rig. The glass I was using needed a 14F connector, and the Hyer has a 14M. This was, of course, an easily avoidable blunder on my part if I’d taken a moment to look. G Pen sells a number of adapters, so be sure to double-check before you buy and make sure you have the right attachment for your personal rig.

A zoomed in image of the G Pen Hyer's clear connectors that attach the rig to the e-nail Be sure to double check the size of your rig's connector because the Hyer has a 14M.

However, if you did forget to get the right one (like I did), there’s good news: glass joint adapters run about $10 at your local head shop, or numerous places online. One quick errand later I was ready to go. The unit fit nice and snug on my rig, even with the added height.

As mentioned, the manual is easy enough to understand, but it really helped to have someone walk me through the process my first time. I’m no novice dabber, but feeling comfortable with any new rig takes a little adjustment, and it’s always just easier to have someone demonstrate. Their intro video was perfect for that.

At the first walkthrough, the controls felt a little foreign, and I kept having to reference the instruction sheet as I prepared for my first session. The unit has a different logic flow than some other e-rigs I’ve tried, but my initial apprehension was misplaced. It’s the sort of thing that once you do the whole process one time, it’s incredibly easy and intuitive to operate. By the time I was loading my second dab, I felt like a pro.

Temperature Settings

In general, I prefer E-rigs that allow for precise temperature settings, so the Hyer was up against a bit of bias here. However, I wanted to be objective and set that aside. The Hyer has 5 preset temperature options: blue (482℉), Turquoise (572℉), Green (662℉), Yellow (752℉) and Red (842℉). My plan of attack was to start at the lowest heat setting and go up from there.

When I have the funds for it, rosin is always my concentrate of choice, and this can be a difficult preference when trying out e-rigs. In general, most do not have a low enough temperature setting to do rosin justice and wind up burning the heck out of your precious concentrate (another reason why a precise temperature setting is preferred).

I tend to dab my rosin at about 370-380℉, so you can understand why I was apprehensive trying some out on the lowest setting for the Hyer at 482℉. I set the unit to blue, crossed my fingers, and started up the cycle.

A hand putting a silver dab tool into a silver chamber attached to a dab rig Rosin should be hit a low temperature for best results.

To my surprise, the hit was actually lower than I’d typically want for my rosin! Still very tasty and flavorful, but just below the point, my snobby palette is accustomed to. At this point, I decided the official numbers listed might not be as accurate, or might be measuring in a different way than I understood, so I decided to go on experience alone. “Alright then, up we go,” I thought, and mentally prepared for the next hit to be slightly too hot for my goldilocks tastes at the turquoise level.

And here, dear readers was the sweet spot. The Hyer produced a perfect rosin dab on the turquoise setting: smooth, flavorful, and a good cloud without being too hot. If the unit did this and absolutely nothing else, for my personal tastes, it would still classify as a top-tier dabbing device. Again, a big win, and I hadn’t even started to explore the unit’s capabilities.

What were we to do next? The next heat level of course! Green is the middle heat setting and I tried it out on both rosin and live resin. For my tastes, it was just an inch over the line for how hot I like to do a dab.

A black box with a green G and green dots light up on it The G Pen has 5 temperature settings. photo credit

For the rosin, the gap was more pronounced, but for thicker live resin and batter, it was very close to the line. To someone who prefers a higher-temperature dab, it would likely be perfect, and if we were trying the unit out on some shatter or other thicker concentrate, I could see it being ideal for that as well.

For the purposes of scientific inquiry, I soldiered on, and tried the yellow heat level. From there, things went a little south. I don’t mind a hearty cough or two from a dab, but I’m never hoping for that hacking, lung-stressing, eye-watering hit. It’s simply not enjoyable, burns my throat, and ruins the flavor of the dab. I didn’t make it through the full heating cycle and stopped.

And this is where my temperature journey came to an end. If you’re looking to use this setting, I’d mainly recommend it for a very large dab that’s intended to be shared with others, which the extra heat might help fully vaporize. Still, the Hyer has a good battery life, so you’re probably better off taking smaller, more manageable dabs.

I dare not venture into the red heat setting, and can’t recommend you do either.

However, before we move away from talking about the temperature settings, one thing to note: the lower blue setting was perfect for CBD concentrates. CBD has a much lower vaporization point than THC, and this level was ideal for it. If you’re a CBD-only dabber (as many medical cannabis consumers are), take note, the Hyer is an ideal device.

Timer Settings

Aside from temperature, the only other major setting that the Hyer has is hit duration. You have the option of increments of 15 seconds, 30, 45, 1 minute, and 1:15.

Smoke overflowing the top of a black carb cap to the G Pen E-nail The G Pen Hyer also allows you to adjust the hit duration.

45 seconds seemed to be perfect for our purposes, which I would define as a good sustained dabbing temperature allowing for multiple hits. With your average-sized dab (about a grain of rice), this allowed enough time for two people to take about 3 turns. 15 and 30 seconds surprisingly wound up feeling too short to get all of the dab’s goodness.

In those circumstances, we just ran it for another cycle without reloading and were easily able to enjoy those remaining sips. We tried the 1 minute setting for a particularly fat dab and the slight adjustment was perfect.

Accessories and Build Quality

An interesting feature of the Hyer is the carb cap and dab tool combo. The carb cap is magnetic and is needed both to shield the heating element and direct airflow. On first impression, it seems a little odd with the two air holes in the top, yet they work great and allow for excellent airflow so I didn’t think much of it. However, the setup is not as simple as it seems!

Hand holding a silver tool with a black, round end The carb cap also duals as a dab tool.

The dab tool is like a standard dab tool on one side and is great for loading the chamber. However, it is cut in half, with threading where the middle part would typically be. The carb cap then has two threaded slots for it to screw into (one on top and one on the side). Attaching the tool this way allows you to rotate the carb cap, using it like a handle. Presto! The cap worked like the perfect directional carb cap, evenly distributing the heat and allowing for excellent clouds.

The quartz chamber really shines as well. It’s easy to use and clean (just some alcohol wipes with a q-tip when a dab is done, as you would do for any other standard post-dab care). It felt more sturdy than some of the fragile glass cups of other e-rigs and e-nails. I also didn’t feel like the reclaim was secretly building up in some unseen crevice; the airpath is directly into your rig.

The power unit feels well made, charged quickly, and held the charge for a long time. An evening of sessions with friends only took the charge down about 40%.

Even beyond the realm of e-nails, and e-rigs, the Hyer is one of the most portable cannabis devices I’ve come across. The case houses the unit like a glove, all in small and sturdy housing. My partner lives about a 20-minute walk from my place, so I took it over to theirs to try out. It packed up in seconds and I was off. The only thing to note here is that we have the same connectors on our rigs, so it was easy to set the Hyer up at her place. If you were to bring this to a friend’s house to use on their rig, just make sure it will fit first.

Pros, Cons, and Recommendations

Overall, our verdict is that the Hyer appears to be an incredibly well-made, straightforward, and easy-to-use device. I’d recommend it as the perfect “beginners” e-nail, but that’s underselling the capability of the unit, it works just as well for the connoisseur dabbing consumer. As of this writing, this is the best all-around e-nail we’ve encountered.

An image of a clear bong adaptor with two black bands circling the top Your rig might require an adaptor if it does not match the standard G Pen Hyer's connector. photo credit

As mentioned, the Hyer isn’t quite universal due to the wide variety of glass attachment sizes, however, it’s tough to call this a drawback; more like a point to be aware of. Using it on multiple rigs of different sizes will require some adaptors, but that obstacle can be easily solved, at an affordable price.

One thing to note: a rig with a wider base is preferable. My rig has a narrower base than my partners and we both preferred a little extra stability. If you have a narrower rig, be conscious of not tipping it over. Overall this wasn’t a big issue, especially if you have the magnetic attachment facing inward for better weight distribution.

The magnetic attachments for the power cable was one of our favorite little touches that made everything just work together seamlessly, and feels like a good design choice. Just be aware when taking your Hyer apart that you’ll want to take the unit off of your glass piece or be sure to have a good grip, the attachment is decently strong.

I personally don’t see a use for the highest temperature setting. It’s just too hot to be enjoyable. If that’s your preference, my hat’s off to you, but I really want to encourage you to sample the much more comfortable and tasty end of the dabbing spectrum.

I could make an argument for wanting a precision temperature setting, and might not recommend it for accurately temperature-sensitive dabbers. However, in practice, I found that I was always able to find an ideal temperature setting among the pre-set options, and didn’t even think about it after a few sessions.

This rig rocks and we feel good about recommending it. Click below to purchase one for yourself! And, get an extra 15% off with code: WIKILEAF15