If you’re part of the weed scene, by now you’ve probably heard a thing or two about cannabis lube. It’s one of the hottest pot products on the market, ensuring better orgasms, earth-shattering sex, and longer sessions between the sheets (or wherever else you’re getting it on). Whether you’re flying solo, have a committed partner, or are straight sleeping around, weed lube promises a better sexual experience.

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Interested in trying weed lube out for yourself? With all it promises, who wouldn’t be? There are a plethora of pot sex products available on the market…cannabis is after all one of the oldest known aphrodisiacs.

Are weed lubes all they’re cracked up to be? Some yes, others not so much. Like anything in the cannabis market, not all products are created equal. Here are a few of our favs though, just in case you want to get down with a little cannabis the next time you get down…or your partner goes down on you.

First Place: FORIA Pleasure

Foria is our number one pick for cannabis lube

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FORIA Pleasure was the first weed lube on the market and is undoubtedly doing it right. Named “Sex Product of the Year” by GQ when it was released, Pleasure is blended using the “ancient tradition of using cannabis as a natural aphrodisiac.” It also contains 2mg of THC in one full spray, with 2-4 sprays being the recommended dosage.

And what exactly happens when you spray FIORA Pleasure on your beautiful lady parts? Well, after the 30 or so minutes it takes to kick in, some might equate it to ecstasy…

This cannabis lube promotes relaxation, which is totally necessary when receiving pleasure, whether by your own hand or that of another. It increases blood flow, which can, in turn, lead to enhanced pleasure and a deeper connection to exactly what you’re feeling. Foria Pleasure also provides a natural lube that doesn’t just get you wet. It’s more like dripping with pleasure.

Okay, so while it might not be a classic “lube” and is more like a topical oil that you can put “down there”, it’s something that takes “mind-blowing” to a whole new level. More intense orgasms? Check. Increased pleasure? Three words. Oh my God.

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What People are Saying:

“Foria turned me on, it spiced up sex with my partner, and gave me some of the best orgasms of my life. Bottom line? I’ll be using it again. And again.” -PopSugar
"Foria hit me and hit me hard, in the absolute most delicious way. I was super relaxed and also super ready to go due to the fact that I was feeling so damn good.” -Cosmopolitan

Runner Up: Velvet Swing

Velvet Swing is the runner upComing in second place for the best marijuana lubes on the market is Velvet Swing. With a tagline of “Come hard, Come long, Come again” who wouldn’t be interested in giving this weed lube a try? With 8 out of 10 women reporting longer and stronger orgasms, this water soluble and latex safe lube contains 100mg THC and 33mg CBD per bottle.

Velvet Swing was started by sexual icon Mistress Matisse, a Seattle-based dominatrix who knows a thing or two about what enhances sexual pleasure. According to Matisse,

“Velvet Swing was developed and designed for you by me, an experienced sex professional to deliver lots of big orgasms.”

It works in about 20 minutes, offering a tingly sensation and some serious arousal, especially when massaged gently into the clitoris and surrounding areas. You know when being turned on goes from “I’m a little horny” to “I’m out of my mind aroused”? While Velvet Swing might not take you all the way to the latter, it gets the job done when you’re looking for something to help take your arousal to a higher level.

What People Are Saying:

“I was pleasantly surprised and invigorated with my Velvet Swing experience. My lady parts were much more, shall we say, prepped for the experience and my orgasm was both longer and stronger than usual. For the price, I would recommend this product to friends. As a bonus, men who are uncircumcised can benefit from the lubricant as well.” -Dope Magazine
“I’m post-menopausal, and I’ve had better sex with Velvet Swing than I have had in 10 years. I don’t know how it works, but I cried happy tears…while coming!” -Female Velvet Swing customer

Third Place: Muse Body Oil

Like the other weed lubes on this list, Muse Body Oil is designed to enhance a woman’s pleasure during foreplay or sex. Made by Seattle-based Green Revolution, this weed lube invited you to “elevate your senses, hear the muse, and let it inspire you.”

Like other products designed to do the same thing, Muse Body Oil takes 20-40 minutes to work. Once it does though, the pleasure in your most private parts is enhanced enough for you to notice but doesn’t exactly take you to that point of super-arousal where you want to come, but also don’t ever want the pleasure to end.

While Muse Body Oil didn’t seem quite as strong (sensually speaking) than the other lubes on this list, it definitely did the trick, offering a feeling down there that definitely not there before spraying it on and rubbing it gently in. You can also use it on other parts of your body for what Green Revolution describes as a “powerful afterglow.”

Even though Muse did come in last place on our list, it still gets mention because it made a decently sized difference in levels of arousal and turned us on.

What People are Saying:

“I could feel a difference down there once it was applied but didn’t experience the earth shattering orgasm I was hoping for. One thing I can say is that it made me more aware of what was going on during foreplay, and everything felt a bit more elevated.” -Female consumer, Colorado