Cannabis Lube: Does it Work?

Cannabis lube is more for female pleasure

Not surprisingly, cannabis lube is a hot item – one might wonder what exactly took them so long to combine Mary Jane and sex? It’s something many men and women have tried, with many others thinking about it in their free time (and possibly giggling). But what is this lube about? And, most importantly, does it work? The answer is yes, but cannabis lube is more for the enjoyment of the penetrated, not the penetrator.

How Cannabis Lube Works

First things first – don’t use cannabis lube if you’re using condoms for birth control or protection against STDs. Because it’s oil-based, it can leave condoms weaker and up the odds that one will break.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you won’t get high because it doesn’t enter your bloodstream. This doesn’t mean you won’t feel anything – you may feel a warm, tingly, or relaxing sensation. And your level of sensitivity will increase, which is exactly what you want.

Interestingly, the timeframe from application to liftoff is similar to eating an edible: it takes about an hour for the effects to take hold. You can use the oil for other things (like massage) while you wait or you can take the extra time to catch up on the most recent episodes of Ozark.

Why Use the Lube?

Cannabis aside, many people bring lube into the bedroom for a variety of reasons – it makes sex more enjoyable, it takes care of vaginal dryness, it’s edible and they haven’t eaten dinner yet. But cannabis lube tends to up this game quite a bit.

For those who find that their sex life is missing a little something-something, for those who feel as though they’ve hit a rut in their relationship (what’s the most effective form of birth control? Marriage!), for those who want to allow themselves to be more adventurous, or for all the above, bringing some buds into Forin cannabis lubethe bedroom can help.

Cannabis lube isn’t as gender exclusive as, say, tampons, but it’s more marketed to women (and bottoms), and for good reason – it benefits them to a larger degree. To start, it enhances the sex lives of the ladies, something it doesn’t appear to do as effectively for men. Some women who use cannabis lube tell tales that most of us only dream about – a far-off land where powerful orgasms last ten minutes.

And it’s not all about pleasure, either – it’s also about pain. Dry sex isn’t up there on anyone’s list of enjoyable things to do. Any lube can remedy this issue, but cannabis lube doesn’t just remedy it, it radicalizes it.

Why Cannabis Lube is Important

Sex – we all know it sells. We all know it’s fun. We all know the world would literally end without it. We also know that many of the products on the market are geared towards men.

Since the beginning of time, since the male T-Rex courted the female by bringing her half a Wooly Mammoth, sex has been deemed more important to men than to women. Not so fast! Women have said, but it’s always been too late: the pharmacies are filled with pills and potions that help men’s sexual dysfunction. Yet there’s just not as much available for women.

Enter cannabis lube!

For women who no longer find sex enjoyable (and those who never did), cannabis lube can change this perception. The cannabinoids in the lube get absorbed by mucous membranes and, in turn, act on cannabinoid receptors. This starts a domino effect of increased blood flow, more potent sensitivity, and a damn good time.

This isn’t to say that cannabis lube is one-size fits all – some women may be experiencing a hormonal issue that lube might not touch, or they might Velvet swing cannabis lubebe victims of sexual trauma and possess physical and emotional scars that run deep.

Others may find that the lube works better during certain times of the month. And others still may find that it’s best when they use it on their own rather than with a partner.

If you find the lube doesn’t do it for you, experiment a bit – try different days, different positions, and even switch up whether or not you use it on an empty stomach. Some people find that the most powerful experiences happen after eating a fat-heavy meal.

The Effects of Cannabis Lube on Men

Some men have reported a “numbing” effect of cannabis lube – this is why it’s rumored to enhance female pleasure but males not so much. However, men who struggle with endurance may find that the lube helps them hold up their end of the bargain. Other men report that their pleasure is enhanced because their partner’s pleasure is enhanced.

If you’re a man, the only way to see how it will affect you is to give it a try.

One warning to anyone who engages in oral sex while using this lube – any oral ingestion, even inadvertent, can get you high. Perhaps this is no big deal or perhaps you’re meeting your boss for dinner in an hour at the Four Seasons and think it’d be best if you didn’t arrive completely stoned.

There are also cannabis lubes that are CBD-based, which eliminates any potential for the high. But, some users have reported that these aren’t as exciting as having a three-way with THC.


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