Weed has been around for thousands of years. In fact, one of the most influential OG stoners of all time is Emperor Fu Hsi, a Chinese emperor during the 2900s BCE. But cannabis has changed over the millennia.  Cultivators breed new weed strains to meet the growing global demand for pot, gaining and passing on experience and scientific insight. The result is a massive selection of cannabis strains that are increasingly potent and customized to suit different lifestyles.  So what were the strains that your parents (or grandparents) used to puff, puff, pass? Are they still around? Keep reading to learn more about 13 old-school weed strains that remain desirable today.   

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1. Afgooey

Also known as Afgoo, Afgooey’s parentage consists of the landrace strain Afghan and Maui Haze. This old-school strain is rarely available on dispensary shelves, but you can buy the seeds from online retailers. Why go through the effort? Landrace genetics make Afgooey and oldy but a pest and disease-resistant goody. Afgooey is indica dominant, with an abundance of myrcene, about 20% THC, and no significant CBD. Most users recommend Afgooey for nighttime consumption.  

2. Panama Red

Cannabis enthusiasts who walked on the scene between the 60s and 90s will recognize Panama Red as one of the best strains you could get those days. A sativa dominant strain averaging 16% THC and an energizing quantity of pinene, Panama Red lives up to its reputation and provides an upbeat and euphoric high. Consume with caution as it may lead to mild paranoia.   

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3. Durban Poison

A landrace strain hailing from South Africa, this pure sativa’s ancestors have been around since the 14th century AD. Durban Poison was perfected in the 70s through the careful breeding of Ed Rosenthal, Mel Frank, and Sam the Skunkman. Averaging about 21% THC and a bouquet of terpinolene, Durban Poison is great for daytime or social consumption, though it may trigger mild anxiety in novice smokers.     

4. Acapulco Gold

Like many old-school weed strains, Acapulco Gold’s genetics are shrouded in mystery. We do know that the rare, sativa dominant strain comes from — you guessed it — Acapulco, Mexico. Myrcene is Acapulco Gold’s most abundant terpene, and the strain contains an average of 19% THC. Some users report relief from anxiety and improved mood when consuming Acapulco Gold. 

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5. Maui Waui

Also known as Maui Wowie, this sativa dominant hybrid was a fan-favorite back in the 1960s. At that time, Maui Waui’s THC content was considered extremely high compared to other strains. You might not think its 19% THC content is extraordinary given today’s climbing THC numbers, but it would’ve made your grandma’s jaw drop then. 

6. Bubbalicious

When you think of cannabis history, Indiana probably isn’t the first state that comes to mind. But Indiana is home to Bubble Gum, the prequel to Bubbalicious. Breeders in the Netherlands perfected Bubble Gum in the ’90s and dubbed it Bubbalicious. The indica dominant strain remains popular in Amsterdam today. Known for producing a pain-relieving body high, Bubbalicious is a good choice for nighttime consumption. 

7. Blueberry

The creation of the DJ Short (AKA the Willy Wonka of Pot), Blueberry arrived on the scene in the 70s or 80s with award-winning potency and a delightful fragrance. Winner of the Cannabis Cup’s Best Indica in 2000, expect a sleep-inducing, relaxing euphoria when you consume this indica dominant treat.  

8. G13

If you run into G13 at a dispensary, know you’re looking at pot the feds created. Sort of. The U.S. Federal Government has been growing cannabis at the University of Mississippi since 1968. According to the rumors, G13 is one of the strains researchers at Ole Miss cultivated. Somehow, a cutting slipped into the hands of the legendary breeder, Neville Schoenmaker.  

9. Sour Diesel

Another mysterious strain, Sour Diesel gained popularity in the cannabis community in the 90s. We don’t know who’s responsible for this sativa dominant THC titan, but stories give credit to A.J. (Asshole Joe). Whether A.J. was an ass or not, we’ll never know. But given Sour Diesel’s 22% THC content, 2% CBD content, and energizing effects, we think A.J. was a cannabis genius.   

10. Haze

Originating in the 1960s, Haze is an old-school strain the OG stoners in your life will definitely remember. A sativa dominant strain boasting an average of 22% THC, Haze’s genetics have traveled the world and are responsible for popular strains like Lemon Haze, Super Silver Haze, and Purple Haze.  

11. Northern Lights

Northern Lights has probably been around since the 80s, but it remains one of the most popular strains among frequent cannabis users today. A review of its genetics and chemical composition makes the reasons for that clear. A cross between Afghani and Thai, two ancient landrace strains, Northern Lights is an easy-to-grow powerhouse containing up to 33% THC and an abundance of myrcene. Consume at night if you want to avoid passing out in the middle of the day. 

12. Skunk #1

Skunk #1 will forever go down in the cannabis history books as the first stable hybrid and the first High Times Cannabis Cup winner. A cross between genetic titans Afghani, Columbian Gold, and Mexican Acapulco Gold, Skunk #1 arrived on the scene (and stole the show) in 1978. You’ll find Skunk genetics in many popular contemporary strains like Lemon Skunk, Sensi Skunk, and Cheese.   

13. Early Pearl

Sensi Seeds first bred Early Pearl in the 80s, but we still aren’t sure about its genetics. We do know that Early Pearl is an award-winning, sativa dominant strain containing an average of 21% THC and pinene as its predominant terpene. Early Pearl was also one of the earliest Cannabis Cup winners, bringing home the “Mostly Sativa” Cup award in 1989.