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About Haze

History & Genetics

Haze is a strain with a rich history that dates back to 1960s Beach Boys era in Santa Cruz, California. Because of long growing seasons and lengthy flowering times, Santa Cruz was the perfect backdrop for a strain of her temperament. After being exclusively Californian for many years, her popularity outgrew her roots and became the parent strain of many hybrids worldwide. The genetics have crossed oceans, leading to strains that originate in Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, and even as far as India. Haze is thought to be the cross of multiple different landrace strains, most of which were sativas. 

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Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

Even with THC levels that don’t reach astronomical levels, Haze is a staple in the cannabis industry and has been for decades. The aromatic buds are well worth the wait of a long, slow growing process according to any cultivators who have put in the time.

Typical Effects


Common Usage

A Loss of Appetite
A Loss of Appetite

The spiciness of this strain draws you in by the nose, but it’s the earthiness and sugary sweet flavors that have come to be associated with the name that really hooks you. These buds have the classic olive green and orange-haired appearance - just don’t let that fool you into thinking they are anything like the norm.

THC Content












The uniqueness of the strain has been nearly replicated time and time again, but none have reached the perfect match. For this reason, the Haze high remains one of a kind.

The high-energy, talkative buzz that the sativa provides gives this one a creative zing that not many can parallel. The indica, however, counters that high energy with a completely relaxed body feel that leaves you tingly all over. This isn’t a building high, this is a “one or two hits and you’re good” kind of high, so be sure to check your limits.

Medicinally, Haze has many applications. Because it is truly an uplifting strain, many use it in the treatment of mental illness such as depression, stress, and bipolar as well as for fatigue. The stimulative features of this strain often make it beneficial to those who suffer from lack of appetite, digestive issues, and inflammation. This strain has a hard come down that usually induces sleep, so many can also use it as an aid for insomnia or restless leg syndrome. Haze can have a tendency to get ahead of you and if smoked to excess can induce paranoia, anxiety, dry mouth, and itchy eyes.


If you didn’t already know, Santa Cruz is fairly tropical in climate. This means that the warm, temperate weather is a favorite of this plant. For expert growers who have endless amounts of patience, Haze will be no skin off your nose. But anyone else that those words don’t describe, this is not the plant for you. Though it is resistant to most molds and mildews and will produce an above average yield, this is a very long grow period and falls under the category of “temperamental and difficult to cultivate.” Proceed at your own risk, intermediates, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Many consider this to be the most popular strain in the cannabis word for a number of reasons. Not only is it unique in ways that many have tried to copy or borrow, but it is a perfect unwind strain for an end-of-a-long-day high. Whatever your reason for loving Haze is, we’re sure you’re right.


June 17, 2024

Douglas Greensky

Excellent for me

November 29, 2022


I would bet 90% of people who think they've had Haze, actually have only had a cross or cross of a cross. Anyone getting it from dispensaries probably haven't had the real thing, because they simply don't sell or grow Haze in dispensaries. It takes around 5+ months to finish flowering, and looks like scrawny, lawn clipping type buds, with little trichomes coverage. But if you get the real thing, properly grown, (which is hard to do, because it is a very sensitive strain), then it is like rocket weed that blasts you into another dimension. The high isn't functional, or relaxed, or mild in the least. It's rollercoaster, mind warp weed.

August 31, 2021


It’s a good all around weed. Its dank, tasty and a super smooth no-cough weed. 2-3 hits and you’re good to go 😁

August 29, 2020

Sloppy Alan

Just tried it instead of the usual Stardawg. A little bit less of a Stardawg 'Slammed in the face' effect, but a nice, floaty high nonetheless. The comedown usually sends me to sleep, so i like to make sure I've cleared the decks for the day, and that I'm somewhere comfy! Not as strong of a smell compared to Stardawg... But, saying that, not a lot of strains have as strong of a smell compared to Stardawg! 😂 A good strain to try, definitely recommended.

June 1, 2020


Not really a Sativa fan, I do like haze. Nice cerebral euphoria without changing my energy, slowing me down as my indica favs do. I keep this around for morning and day use.