These bars right here?!

Wikileaf is back at it again with another playlist and strain pairing. This week's playlist was curated by yours truly. If reading that makes you cringe, don't worry - this isn't another 10 track ode to Drake. Instead, this week's playlist is an ode to the freakum weather we've been having in Seattle lately, reminding us that summer is right around the corner.

I've been in my bag ever since the days got longer and warmer, so I made this playlist to help everyone else get there. Right from the jump, I started us out with Fade, which is a bold move. That's a really high bar to set, but I promise that the rest of the playlist either meets or exceeds that bar. Every song on this playlist has the potential to be a Summer 2k18 anthem. The next time someone hands you the aux, put on this playlist and keep the fire department on speed dial because these bars right here are aural flames.

Super Silver Haze

Okay, so obviously this wouldn't be a strain pairing without the strain. This week, I personally test drove this playlist while puffing on Super Silver Haze, a popular sativa that is known for producing some pretty intense cerebral effects, followed by a soothing sensation in the body. Colors are more vibrant and sounds are sharper, making this the perfect strain to smoke on a clear sunny day (dare I say during a day party?).

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Whether you're trying to turn up during the day or actually be productive, this is the perfect strain to wake and bake with, and then keep chiefing on throughout the day. So if June 20 is too far away for you to wait for Summer, put on this playlist, smoke some Super Silver Haze, and don't let anyone tell you anything. Summer is a state of mind. P.S. Shouts out to track 7