Wikileaf in the Mix – Amnesia Haze

A playlist curated to listen to while smoking amnesia haze

“Damn, who’s line is it anyways? I’m in a daze, you been amazed”

It’s almost as if Drake wrote this lyric knowing I was going to curate a playlist to smoke Amnesia Haze and pay homage to the 6 God. Don’t be fooled by the name, though. Amnesia Haze is actually a sativa-dominant hybrid that is more likely to inspire creativity than make you forget what you were doing while you were high. This sense of inspiration is specifically why I chose the Drake songs that I did. The 6 God’s lyrics are very much about going out and putting your all into what you love and being proud of what you created and who you created it with and having a good time doing it. Check out this intro to the first song on the playlist, Poundcake/Paris Morton Music 2 (sampled from Jazz musician Jimmy Smith’s “Jimmy Smith Rap” in 1982):

Good God Almighty, like back in the old days
You know, years ago they had the A&R men to tell you what to play
How to play it and you know whether it’s disco and rock
But um, we just went in the studio and we did it
We had champagne in the studio, of course, you know
Compliments of the company, and we just laid back and did it
So we hope you enjoy listening to this album half as much
As we enjoyed playing it for you, because we had a ball
Only real music is gonna last
All the other bullshit is here today and gone tomorrow

Go smoke some Amnesia Haze and make some shit that lasts.

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