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I had the opportunity to sit in on a Wikileaf tutorial on how to use the Volcano Digit Vaporizer. This was exciting in itself because, while I’ve experienced other at-home vaporizers, I have never used one as popular and powerful as the Volcano by Storz & Bickel. Special shoutout to Vaporizer Chief for sending us the Volcano Digit to review! 

The Volcano basically started it all, years and years ago. We’re talking the late 90s here, and terrifyingly enough, that is 20+ years in the past. The world of vaporizing was just beginning, and Markus Storz of Storz & Bickel was leading the way. The classic volcano arrived in the year 2000, and so much of the vaporizing world has changed since then.

Now we have the Volcano Digit, which has been around for the last five years. Personally, I never thought I would try using it because of the price. This big, heavy-duty vaporizer retails at $599.

And now I know why. This thing will be with you for a long time and is perfect for recreational group use, medical patients, and everything in between. It’s tough, sturdy, and reliable.

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Setting Up the Volcano Digit

The worst part about using a new product is figuring out how to set it up. It was much easier than it looked, though. Whenever I see a big box with multiple parts, I tend to write the product off as too much work. But I can’t emphasize enough how simple set up really is.

In the box, you’ll find the main unit, the Volcano vaporizer. You’ll also find an EASY VALVE starter set, which includes the balloons and all you need to set them up. There are plenty more accessories in the box, but the only thing left needed to get the machine up and running is the filling chamber, which of course is included and easy to work with.

Once set up, it takes a few minutes to heat to the desired temperature. This is a great time to prep your weed. Kindly enough, the box even includes a grinder to get your flower prepared. It’s not a great grinder, but it will work in a pinch.

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The Volcano has a brightly-lit digital display which makes it nearly impossible to mess up the desired temperature. We spent a while trying to figure out how to turn it off before realizing it has an automatic shutoff if the unit is left on for 30 minutes. This is great because it saves energy and preserves the lifespan of the unit.

Using the Volcano Digit

When the machine has heated up and the weed is prepped, the next step is to attach the balloon and fill it with vapor. There’s something satisfying about watching it slowly fill until you’ve got a balloon filled with slightly-cloudy vapor. And while it feels like it fills slowly, when it’s ready, it’s ready. Leave it on the machine to fill up too long and you’ve literally burst your bubble.

Once it’s filled, you just detach the balloon and attach the mouthpiece, which is surprisingly ergonomic. It’s comfortable and easy to take a deep breath through without pursing your lips much.

The best part of the Volcano Digit is, of course, the actual inhalation of the vapor. It’s difficult to describe the feeling of hitting the Volcano without sounding cheesy. It really was unlike any other vaporizer I’ve tried.

You don’t feel like you’re hitting anything as you inhale from the bag, which might make it dangerous for beginners. The vapor is so soft and smooth it feels like nothing when inhaling and exhaling it. I watched numerous people use the machine and not one person coughed, which I can’t say for most sessions I’ve witnessed with other vaporizers.

Volcano vapor bag and loading chamber Source: Wikileaf

Why I Would Choose the Volcano Digit Over Other Tabletop Vaporizers

At first, I thought taking a few minutes to heat up was a downside to the product. After all, when someone’s ready to toke, they usually don’t want to wait. But this product is all about patience.

It gradually heats the materials with hot air, guaranteeing to never burn the materials. This means you’ll end up getting more out of the materials you vaporize because no combustion means no carcinogens produced.

People wanting to use marijuana medically will find that the Volcano eases a lot of concern surrounding vaporizing cannabis. With no combustion, users can solely enjoy the benefits of their cannabis without any hangups.

You can also hook the Volcano Classic up to some smart technology, including Alexa, with the help of a smart outlet. This aspect of the unit flew over my head for the most part, but I see the benefit of having it. You can turn your machine on without being in the room, so when you do arrive, it will be heated up and ready to go.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Volcano Digit is the best vaporizer I’ve ever used. It comes at a steep price tag, but considering the scope of the machine, it’s worth every cent. Being able to vaporize cannabis without any risk of combustion makes it an extremely healthy choice that can help so many people hesitant to use cannabis in other ways.

Plus, it’s fun. I’d recommend using this in a group setting whenever possible. Not only is everyone going to get hit with some potent and clean vapor, but the bags can also pack a pretty full punch, allowing friends to pass it around before refilling.