Cannabis brands are constantly innovating new products to help their customers experience the many therapeutic effects cannabinoids offer. CBD syrup is one of the latest additions to the menu of non-psychoactive cannabis products people can enjoy. 

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What is it?

CBD syrup is exactly what it sounds like – CBD-infused syrup. It's typically made with a sweet, viscous fluid like agave nectar, honey, or liquified sugar. People tend to purchase CBD syrup instead of CBD tinctures, oils, or soft capsules for one simple reason: It tastes great!  You can even use CBD syrup as a substitute for sweeteners you might add to coffee, tea, oatmeal, or any food or beverage that could use a sugary boost.

Is it Good For You?

The least healthy aspect is the sweet part of it. But the added sugar contained in a single dose of CBD syrup is negligible compared to eating a whole cookie or smoothie.  An abundance of preclinical evidence pointing to CBD's potential therapeutic efficacy makes products like CBD syrup promising cannabinoid edibles to try. That’s especially true for cannabis consumers who don’t want to experience psychoactive effects.  Whether or not this last characteristic of CBD is a benefit depends on who you ask, but CBD does not trigger the psychotropic response created by THC. Put simply, ingesting CBD syrup will not get you high. 

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Disclaimer About CBD

That all being said, there's no direct evidence that suggests CBD cures or treats any major diseases. There is, however, an abundance of anecdotes from customers on how they felt like CBD impacted them. But at the end of the day, anecdotes aren't science, so consult with your doctor before consuming CBD to treat any ailment.

Best CBD-Infused Syrup

CBD syrup is a relatively new way to consume CBD, so options are limited. The following products are fan favorites, and most are legally available for purchase online (no matter where you live)!  

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1. Hemp Bombs

The Hemp Bombs product makes it on this list because it’s not your typical harsh-tasting CBD oil. Hemp Bombs CBD Oils come in six flavors: acai berry, chocolate mint, orange creamsicle, peppermint, watermelon, and natural hemp. The oils are also available in 5 different doses: 300mg, 750mg, 1500mg, 3000mg, and 5000mg.  Hemp Bombs 750mg CBD Oil One reviewer said the following about the 5000mg option:

"Consistent, high-quality oil! I dilute some with grapeseed oil for my regular doses, and it's always worked wonders for my sleep and anxiety." 

2. Cannabinoid Creations

Specifically designed for people who experience discomforts during the day or night, the Cannabinoid Creations CBD Syrup options are non-intoxicating, 100% kosher certified cannabinoid-infused syrups with a minimal side effect profile. You can get Cannabinoid Creations CBD Syrup in grape or cherry. Each flavor is also available for either AM or PM use. The AM option contains 200mg CBD, and the PM option contains 100mg CBD.  Grape AM CBD Syrup, Grape AM Hemp Syrup One reviewer said this about the 200mg AM grape CBD syrup:

“I really cannot believe I've been pain-free in my knee, hip, and back since the first day I took this. I am still in awe. Have gone through one bottle.” 

3. CBD Living CBD Sleep Aid Syrup

If you want a yummy, cannabinoid-infused sleep-promoting supplement, the CBD Living CBD Sleep Aid may provide the relief you’re seeking. This CBD syrup contains 200mg of CBD (sourced from 100% organic hemp cultivated in Colorado and Oregon), 16mg of melatonin, and 9 grams of sugar. The CBD Living CBD Syrup is available in either grape or cherry.  One verified buyer said the following about the CBD Living CBD Syrup: “...I am able to sleep comfortably, and I wake up feeling great. There is no grogginess the next day. The only upside to it is that sometimes I tend to oversleep! This is just how good it is!” 

4. Brown Girl Jane Vegan Wellness Gelées 

The next couple of products aren’t exactly CBD syrups – at least not in the way the products above are. The Brown Girl Jane Vegan Wellness Gelées are non-intoxicating gummies made with sugar, tapioca syrup, and 25mg CBD per piece. These delicious vegan gummies come in three flavors: cherry sage, raspberry lavender, and dragon fruit cucumber.  One reviewer said this about how much she enjoys these gummies:

“These are my favorite CBD so far. I carry a lot of tension in my shoulders, and when I feel that ache or tightness start to appear, I eat a Gelées, and it's like a magical release. This product will be staying on my list.”

5. Holmes Organics CBD Gummies

The final product on this list is another CBD gummy. Holmes Organics CBD Gummies are strawberry lemonade flavored and contain 10mg CBD per serving. These delicious and therapeutic treats get their sweetness from organic tapioca syrup and organic cane sugar.    This reviewer enjoys these gummies for their versatile uses in her life:

“I love these gummies! I take them for anxiety, sleep, and also for that time of the month. Half a gummy works great for me.” 

A Final Word 

Although research about the medicinal effects of CBD is promising, we encourage you to speak with your health care practitioner before consuming cannabis or cannabinoids to treat your medical condition. Everyone reacts differently to cannabis products, including CBD.