Cannabis isn’t just for the segment of the population made of gritty counter-culture rebels anymore.  It never was just for any one people group, but now that it has been legalized in 29 states and the District of Columbia, it’s acceptance into the mainstream has made it easier for the rich, famous, and privileged to show their love of the plant in a more public cannabis products  According to a study by Miner and Co. Studio, 84% of cannabis users are full-time employees, and 65% of them make $75,000 or more a year. Enter the luxury cannabis products industry. Because of its versatility and a thriving, prohibition-resistant sub-culture, cannabis has opened too many doors to count, one of those leading to people willing to spend ungodly amounts of money on the newest trend.

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Luxury Cannabis Products You Need

Cannabis has made leaps and bounds from the beloved Ziploc bag, Bic lighter, and Granny Smith startup kit of the pot Middle Ages, and the following products are proof of that progress.

DaVinci Vaporizers Considered the healthiest way to consume cannabis, the popularity of vaping is rising—and so is the quality and cost of the hottest vaporizers on the market.  The price of DaVinci’s vaporizers range from $199 to $274.99, but the devices come with features like precision temperature control, the ability to vaporize dry and liquid forms of cannabis, and LED dots for a cool aesthetic.

AuBox That its name contains the periodic table symbol for gold (Au) tells you that it’s a brand with the highest standards. The AuBox is a premium medical marijuana delivery service for San Francisco patients.It distinguishes itself from others by selecting only the best cannabis and products in San Francisco and placing them in a chic and discreet box for delivery.

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Beboe Scott Campbell, Beboe’s founder, named the brand after his grandmother, Be Boe.  Be Boe always made brownies for her grandchildren but put a little something extra into Campbell’s mother’s brownie to help ease the symptoms of cancer.   The company name is a tribute to a grandmother whose compassion broke any box that tried to hold her. Beboe’s products include pre-filled vaporizers and pastilles with a blend of THC and CBD with medical marijuana patients in mind.

Leira Cannagars Decadent is the only word that comes close to describing the experience these cigars provide their consumers. Leira Cannagars are made by hand from organically grown flowers glazed in pure rosin and sealed in cannabis leaves. These luxury cigars are only available in Washington state.

Gaga Edibles This brand is known for its premium edibles including crystal shatter, peanut butter cups, hard candy, and a special treat it calls “the juicy.” They are based in Washington but distribute their products all over the country.

Canndescent Ever hear that you should shop cannabis by mood?  Canndescent has found a way to commoditize that mentality by cultivating and selling “ultra-premium” cannabis flower tailored toward specific moods.  The names of their products include calm, cruise, create, connect, and charge.

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Tetra Marble Pipe luxury cannabis products, tetra marble pipeThis $95 pipe is made entirely of marble and is absolutely gorgeous whether black or white. The makers found a way to make a smoking device look more like an art piece than a pipe. Tetra makes other high-end products including a $2,000 ashtray plated in gold.

The High Society Luxury is all about exclusivity and elitism, right?  Well, that’s exactly what The High Society offers its members, with a little cannabis as well.  The club gives its members exclusive access to the best cannabis California’s Emerald Triangle has to offer, all delivered in a discreet and fashionable box. Each quarter, members receive a cannabis box brimming with premium products, special offers, VIP invitations to the hottest events in town, and 15% off in-store purchases.

Shine Gold Rolling Papers Nothing says fancy like gold, and smokeable gold is no exception. Shine sells ashtrays, vaporizers, lighters, and other smoking accessories, but it is most known for its 24 karat gold rolling papers.  They’re definitely more expensive than your average pack of papers, but they are a lot shinier too.

The Throne Bubbler by Darby, Banjo, Scott Deppe, and Clinton Roman Glass pieces are more than just the most ubiquitous form of smoking technology in the cannabis world; they are high art in every sense of the phrase.  This million-dollar baby is the most expensive glass piece in the world. The price reflects the craftsmanship that went into the regal and mysterious work of art as well as the rare occasion that was the collaboration of these celebrity glassblowers.

Défoncé Chocolatier Apart, cannabis and chocolate are great.  Together, they can be spectacular. luxury cannabis productsBut any chocolate or cannabis connoisseur knows that both delicacies require quality control. Défoncé brings together the impressive talent of fine chocolate manufacturers and California grown cannabis to produce a luxurious edible experience infused with the flavors of vanilla, matcha, malt, caramel, milk, coffee, mint, hazelnut, chocolate, and, of course, cannabis.

Phoenician Elite Grinder Just because the task is rough doesn’t mean the tool with which to accomplish it needs to be. This 4 piece $1,499.99 grinder is plated in 24 karat gold.  It also comes with a built-in ash tray and a place to hold rolling papers. Guess they had to include something practical to make the grinder worth the grand their customers are throwing down for it.

Cannador Turns out there are far better ways of storing cannabis than in plastic bags.  Cannador provides aesthetically pleasing storage containers that do more than store cannabis in a discreet place.  They also use technology that maintains the ideal level of humidity, preserves flavor, and increases the longevity of the flower’s potency.

Greenshore Pipes Fancy but simple, these handcrafted pipes are sleek and come in polished aluminum ($58), fine gold ($265), and rose gold ($229).

Summerland Ceramics Chongo Bong These minimalist, all-ceramic bongs look more like modern art than pipes.  Ranging in price from $195 to $240, these pieces promise to start a conversation, enhance the aesthetic of your home, and provide a luxuriously smooth hit.