There are plenty of ways to roll up your cannabis. Some people like papers because they’re tobacco-free. Some people like blunts because they burn longer. Well, in 2020, one bit of good news is that you can have the best of both worlds. Say hello to hemp wraps.

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Who Makes The Best Hemp Wraps?

There are plenty of companies that make hemp wraps. They’re all along the walls of your local glass shops and dispensaries. Kong Wraps is one of them. Kong Wraps has been in the hemp wrap game since 2016, producing GSC-inspired natural wraps, an Organic CBD+ hemp wrap line, and now their latest project: flavored wraps. A 2020 production, Kong Wraps has rolled out 5 cannabis strain-inspired flavored hemp wraps: Wedding Cake, Mango Tango, Kush Berry, Grape Ape, and Dippin’ Honey. In order to know which were the best, we performance-tested all of them. According to the company's website, the flavored wraps are produced from the finest grown hemp in Mexico, whose strain has been cultivated in small batches for 200 years. Additionally, the flavoring is all natural with no chemicals, and they contain naturally derived terpenes and CBD. As far as the traditional wellness benefits CBD consumers seek, we nor Kong Wraps can make any specific claims.

Kong Wraps Flavored Wraps Review

Mango Tango

Grade: A+

I. LOVED. MANGO. TANGO. I came into the Mango Tango Kong Wraps excited because the mango-flavored wraps are usually pretty smooth and tasty. Boy oh boy did Mango Tango deliver. Tossed some Tangie into this one so I could double up on the tropical/citrus flavors. As far as taste goes, with these two combinations of weed and wrap, I felt like I was on the beach in a silk shirt with way too many flowers on it.

Hippy Honey

Grade: A The Hippy Honey Kong Wraps were the first ones I popped open. As someone who doesn’t often smoke flavored wraps, I figured they may be the most natural flavor of the lot. Rolled up some Cannalope Haze with these ones because I figured the mix of honey-flavored wrap with a sweet citrus-like plant would be a real palate pleaser. Upon review, I’d say the Hippy Honey gets an A because it is a standard sweet wrap. Kind of like fettuccine alfredo, it’s hard to mess up the standard sweet wrap. The taste didn’t overpower the cannabis, so all in all, if you’re looking for a Swisher Sweet replacement, Hippy Honey Kong Wraps could be a great alternative.

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Kush Berry 

Grade: B+ The Kush Berry was a blueberry flavored wrap. Tossed some Bubba Kush in this one, as my batch of Bubba has a sweet and grapey taste to it. Figured two fruits can’t make a wrong, and I was pleased to see it come together beautifully. Kush Berry gives your weed a tasty blueberry feel to stack on top of the terps already there. I’d suggest grabbing a strain that has a similar flavor profile though, else the berry flavor of these wraps can be a little dominant, thus potentially overtaking the taste of certain strains. The smell of the Kush Berry wraps tends to stick around a little bit, but overall, still a great wrap for the blueberry lovers out there.

Grape Ape

Grade: C Grape wraps are always going to be a tough call. They’re one of those flavors that you either love or you hate and there’s no changing that. I found that this was a nice grape wrap, and I will say that this wrap smoked really smoothly with my Bubba Kush, but there was one big drawback: aftertaste and the scent left behind. That grape simply coats your mouth and leaves a bit of lasting taste. As far as scent, I smoked the Grape Ape wrap in my apartment then left to make an essential grocery store run for lasagna. Upon return, I could straight up smell the grape wrap out in the hallway before my door. And I don’t mean I smelled my session, I mean I could only specifically smell the Grape Wrap wrap. Overall, if you’re looking for that 'grape grape', this wrap is most definitely that 'grape grape.'

Wedding Cake

Grade: F I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Wedding Cake flavored wrap was NOT the one. It was not even the two. It had this very heavy coconut smell that made you feel like someone dipped the whole thing in a bucket of piña colada, let it sit for a while, and then brought it to you like “Roll up.” Then when you smoke it, that coconutty taste doesn’t even carry over. Instead, it’s just that heavy, wet, chemical-like taste that was most definitely not reminiscent of the Wedding Cake cannabis strain.

The Kong Wraps Flavored Wraps Final Call

All in all, if you’re looking for a great tobacco-free smoke, the Kong Wraps Flavored Wraps are a great choice. They burn long, roll smoothly, and the flavored wraps can compliment the taste of your weed well. If you’re wondering which one to try first, most of the flavors are great in their own right, but I promise you that Mango Tango or Hippy Honey will not lead you astray. 

What Is Hemp and What Does It Do?

Hemp - sometimes called industrial hemp - is a type of cannabis plant that contains less than 0.3% THC (the federally legal limit). It differs from the traditional marijuana plant in that hemp will not get you high, amongst other things like cultivation methods and general chemical makeup. Though virtually THC-free, hemp does contain CBD and other components of the cannabis plant that provide certain benefits. Many of the CBD products available today are naturally hemp-derived due to legality and ease of production. 

What Are The Benefits of Hemp Wraps?

Hemp wraps are all natural and have no tobacco. Also, hemp is cannabis literally, so it’s basically like rolling your weed into weed, which is as organic as the ritual can possibly get. With hemp containing various cannabis compounds, the wraps may possess certain CBD-related qualities, but this is entirely dependent upon how the hemp was produced. Smoke-wise, some believe hemp wraps burn longer, taste better, and roll smoother than your traditional tobacco-made blunt wraps.