Many of the popular cannabis strains that gain notoriety across the world are sativas, known for energizing consumers and making for a good daytime high. Headband, however, stands out among the rest. This strain is predominantly indica, clocking in at 55% in that department. 

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You know how once in a while you’ll watch a movie or hear a song and notice an artist is incredibly talented, then later find out the actor or musician has famous parents? That’s what it’s like toking on Headband.

What is Headband?

Strain reviews are wildly favorable, hailing headband as a heavy hitter. This 55/45 indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between OG Kush, Master Kush, and Sour Diesel, and is sometimes called Sour Kush because of its iconic lineage. With parents like that, Headband was bound for greatness. Its THC content is an eye-widening 27% and its flower is covered in trichomes so sticky, you’ll definitely need a grinder on hand for this one. 

a nug of Headband, light green with orange hairs A nug of cannabis strain Headband. photo credit

Headband produces small, nugget-like buds with a mostly pale green color, though some phenotypes wind up with purple tints. It smells tangy and lemony, with some pine that often accompanies that combination. It’s also a bit skunky, reminding the user of its origins as a Sour Diesel spin-off.  That diesel-like taste comes through even more when it’s being smoked. 

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The Ultimate Stoner Weed

If you’re looking to chill out, Headband is a fantastic go-to. It takes a while to kick in, and once it does, it’ll feel like anything but a sativa. This indica-dominant hybrid creates a spacey, foggy mental state that would make it difficult to accomplish any important tasks. It does, however, promote creative thinking. 

While your brain is lifted up, Headband weighs your body down, making your limbs feel heavy and convincing you to spend the next few hours in full couch potato mode. It stimulates appetite as well, so you can set yourself up with some popcorn and a movie and be quite a happy camper. 

a couple hanging out on a couch eating snacks with a bong and weed on the table behind them Headband is a great strain for kicking back after a long day. photo credit

As Headband is a heavily sedative strain, it’s a fond choice of anyone looking to treat symptoms of anxiety or insomnia. It is thought to help with stress and symptoms of depression. Some people have also found it helpful in dealing with of migraines and muscle spasms. 

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Some people, though, find when they take in just the right amount, the Headband strain actually helps them to focus extremely well. This heavy hitter not only relaxes the consumer and creates a feeling of euphoria, but also helps some people get the creative boost they need and helps them lock in to whatever task they’re working on. That’s especially the case when used in small amounts earlier in the day. Remember, average THC content is about 18% and this one clocks in at 27%, so you’re better off taking baby steps if you’re hoping to hone into the focus and creativity enhancement rather than sedation.  

How Headband Got Its Name

Headband’s name comes from the feeling it elicits when smoked or eaten in edibles. It creates a light pressure around the forehead and temples, feeling like a headband. That’s a result of THC dilating blood vessels in the face. 

Vasodilation happens when artery walls and large veins relax. Harvard researchers have found cannabinoids can raise the resting heart rate and make the heart pump harder, which is why those blood vessels open up. Researchers published in the American Academy of Neurology discovered years ago that blood flow changes to the brain can stick around even a month after a person uses marijuana. Increased blood flow to the brain is typically considered a good thing, bringing in oxygen and nutrients. 

a cannabis seed sitting on a cannabis plant Headband is a bit shrouded in mystery as there are a few stories about where it came from. photo credit


As for who created the strain, little is known about its origins. Many say a Colorado breeder called Reserva Privada is responsible for the combination. That’s the same breeder who created strains like Kandy Kush and Strawberry Banana. Reserva Privada is a company connected to DNA Genetics, which manufactures seeds and creates new cannabis strains. DNA Genetics is based out of Amsterdam, while Reserva Privada refers to a group of breeders on America’s West Coast. 

“All the seeds are highly productive and offer an uncompromising level of quality with each strain winning a cannabis cup,” DNA genetics claims

Other legends trace the history of Headband to Humboldt County and the Emerald Triangle. In any case, now that the strain exists, we know it’s fairly easy to grow. It flowers well indoors, and the plant is bushy and shorter than average. Grown indoors, its flowering time is around 10 to 11 weeks. It produces higher-than-average yields in that time, and has a higher proportion of bud than leaf. The biggest problem you may experience while growing indoors is the intense odor from the plant. It also flourishes when outdoors, if kept in the right conditions — the plant likes sun and warmth and has a distinct dislike for rain. Humidity levels should be kept to a minimum and frost should be avoided at all costs. If grown indoors, you can get about 18 ounces per yard; outside, you should get around 21 ounces per plant. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Created the Strain Headband?

Reserva Privada, a group of West Coast breeders, are generally credited for combining Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Master Kush to create Headband.

When Was Headband Created?

The origins around Headband’s creation are fuzzy, but most speculate it was likely created around the mid-1990s.

How did Headband Strain Get its Name?

The name “Headband” refers to the feeling one may get after smoking or ingesting this particular strain. It dilates blood vessels in the face, creating a feeling of slight, pleasant pressure in the forehead and temples.

Is Headband a Good Strain for Me?

When used in small amounts in the morning, Headband can stimulate creative centers and help users to focus. When consumed in larger amounts at night, it’s perfect for kicking back, tossing on a good movie or show, grabbing some snacks, and melting into the couch. Many consumers report that it helps with feelings of anxiety, chronic insomnia, migraines, and muscle spasms. It’s a good strain for everyone, depending on what you’re looking for.