While cannabis is commonly known for making users sleepy, giggly, or hungry, there are strains that can actually assist with concentration and focus. Whether it’s ADHD or a general difficulty focusing, some users find certain strains have a stimulating effect that makes it easier to concentrate.

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Research Is Limited But Promising

There is limited research to back up the use of cannabis for conditions like ADHD, and patients are often prescribed pharmaceuticals like Ritalin or Adderall to control symptoms. A recent study supported the theory that cannabis can help users manage their ADHD, though more definitive research will need to be conducted.

Understanding the effects of cannabis on the brain is complicated and the literature can be convoluted and filled with contradictions. THC has biphasic effects on the brain, with small and high doses sometimes causing completely opposite effects. Generally, low or moderate doses will have neuroprotective effects, while high doses will do the opposite.

The Best Strains For Increasing Focus

Whether it’s self-medicating a condition, or just a desire to increase focus and productivity, cannabis can help. These strains are ideal for times where you need to concentrate, such as busting out a project for work or school or getting the creative juices flowing.

If you’re new to using cannabis to help focus, consider microdosing first. You can get the benefits of the plant without accidentally ending up too high to get to work. From there you can adjust the amount necessary to boost production.

Sour Diesel

Close up detail of Cannabis cola (Sour Diesel marijuana strain) with visible hairs, trichomes and leaves on late flowering stage iStock / rgbspace

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If you’ve got an important project coming up, sparking up a little Sour Diesel before getting started can be the perfect pick-me-up. It’s a popular choice for both social situations and time spent alone because it’s effects can be tuned in further by the user.

Sour Diesel is a sativa-dominant blend with energizing and euphoric effects balanced delicately with a mild relaxant from the indica side. Start small with this strain, as it’s not only extremely pungent, but its strong sativa side is notorious for bringing out the paranoia if you’re not prepared.

This strain typically falls between 20 and 25% THC.


This strain won the 2015 High Times cup for best indica. It has a sweet and sour aroma and provides a pleasant, energizing high. The strain is known for increasing sensory perception, making it easy to become engulfed in a project with intense focus.

Because of these strong sensory effects, its best to start with small amounts if your tolerance is low, otherwise it may induce feelings of anxiety. In the right amount, users report Zkittlez as a great strain to relax, focus, and get creative with.

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Green Crack Extreme

This mysterious sister to the beloved Green Crack is a great choice for achieving better focus. Its THC levels cap at about 24%, making it a powerful sativa-leaning hybrid.

The high is slow and does not overwhelm the user. It begins with euphoria and makes its way to a more controlled, relaxed high without sacrificing social skills or energy. It’s extremely potent but the effects are not unmanageable.

Users find this strain elevates mood, boosts energy, and increases focus.


With a THC content of about 22% and a slight sativa dominance, this strain is an uplifting option to get focused. Users find it inspires creativity and imagination and elevates their mood.

Its mood enhancing effects make it a popular choice for dealing with anxiety and depression. For enhancing focus, Cinex boosts divergent thinking and energizes, making it easier to work on something for extended periods of time.

It’s best for use earlier in the day since it can make users feel wired. With this in mind, start small with this strain and go up from there.

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This indica dominant strain is a mix between a few favorites: OG Kush, Master Kush, and Sour Diesel. It’s named after the feeling of pressure that builds around the temples after being consumed.

The THC content has reached all the way to 27%, making it a heavy hitter. It brings on a foggy, weighted high so it should be used in small doses if you’re prone to couch lock. When optimal amounts are consumed, users may experience a mild increase in creativity and a better ability to focus.

It’s known primarily for its creative stimulation, feelings of euphoria, and relaxing effects. Users report success with small amounts in the morning to get a creative boost, while larger amounts later in the day tend to cause sleepiness and sedation and should be avoided if you’re seeking help focusing.

Durban Poison

This strain hits quickly, offering a quick, sometimes disorienting buzz. Users experience increased attention to detail, helping them focus in on their creative endeavors. Like other strong sativas, Durban Poison can cause feelings of anxiety and make users feel wired.

This strain should be used in the day because of its energizing effects. Many find it helps boost social confidence as well, making it easier to concentrate and converse with others.

Users report this as a mind-relaxing strain, helping boost creativity, energy, and focus.


This CBD-rich strain is sativa dominant with THC levels ranging from only 4 to 10%. This makes it a good choice for users who struggle with high THC strains. Because of its high CBD content and low THC content, Harlequin will not get users very high.

Apart from its pain-relieving effects, this strain also energizes users and boosts creativity. Users prefer it for daytime use because it doesn’t prevent mental function but can help increase concentration and energy levels.

This article is purely for informational and research purposes only. Please consult a physician before changing your current medical regiment for cannabis.