Just a couple of years ago, if you wanted a decent concentrate e-rig, your choices were Puffco Peak or Puffco Peak. But as is the case with every industry, necessity is the mother of innovation, and in 2020, the market has a plethora of options to choose from.

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We should know, we've reviewed enough of them. With so many variations of rigs that seem to essentially do the exact same thing, it can be hard to weed out the top options from the cheap knockoffs that are made to break and have a shady warranty (yes, I'm talking about you, Dabado. Seriously, don't buy their products. Google it.)

Needless to say, I approach every product I review with skepticism, and that includes the Focus V Carta e-rig. To be honest, I had never heard of the device until VapeActive suggested we review it. They told us it was one of the highest-rated and most anticipated e-rigs that they had on their site (they had just restocked them after selling out.)

I've had the device for a while now (long enough for things to go wrong after first impressions), and I'm finally ready to let the world know how I feel. Here's my review of the Focus V Carta V2 concentrate e-rig.

Look and Design - 4.5/5

I really like the design of the Carta V2. There's something about the black and white design that makes the device look way more futuristic than it actually is.

The only thing reminding you it isn't is how much plastic is on the rig. It's the only negative for me - the base, while solid and secure, feels cheap, right down to the plastic button that makes a plastic-y clicking sound. That being said, I'll take it over the stupid touch sensor on the Oura any day.

The biggest upside to the Carta is it has removable batteries, making this the first e-rig I've ever reviewed that you don't have to just completely ditch or pay to have repaired if your battery burns out. Instead, you can just pop out the burnt batteries, and replace them for ~$25. This alone is enough for me to forgive the plastic hatch you have to access the batteries through.

Build Quality - 5/5

I know, I know. You're probably asking yourself, "But Christian, how can the build quality be a 5/5 if your biggest complaint about it the plastic on the base?" And the answer is, I have no idea how, but Focus V managed to make the Carta damn near indestructible.

I went to a party at a friend's apartment, and naturally, being "the guy who works at Wikileaf," I had to show up with some weed-tech drip. This time around, I decided to bring the Carta and focus test it (ha, no pun intended) with people who have less experience with e-rigs than I do. Naturally, the party also had alcohol, and as the night went on, there was a direct correlation between how much alcohol had been consumed and how often the Carta was knocked over.

The real kicker was when a volleyball was added to the equation. A certain Wikileaf employee (who may or may not be writing this article in shame right now) thought it would be a good idea to prove to everyone that he could spin a volleyball on his finger. In reality, what happened is I accidentally threw the volleyball directly at the Focus V Carta, knocking it off the counter and across the room. When I went to pick it up, I found literally zero signs of damage, and I still use it today. Touche, Focus V. Touche.

Hit/High Experience - 8.5/10

The Carta is a little chugger, that's for sure. It consistently produces thick, milky vapor, and has left me sweating more than a few times. That being said, I recommend that you wait until the atomizer is heated up before you drop your concentrate (as opposed to preloading your chamber.)

The atomizer stays hot for a while, so if you preload your dab then your last few pulls off your dab are going to be a little hot. That being said, you could just lower the temperature setting (there are 5 of them) once you've reached the middle of your heat cycle.

But because of that, I would probably say that it gets a few points knocked off. If the heating cycle were a little shorter, then it would produce perfect vapors from beginning to end every time. But don't get me wrong, I still love smoking out of this little e-rig.

Maintenance and Longevity - 5/5

There's no special maintenance required for the Carta that you wouldn't have to perform on any other rig. Make sure you swab out the chamber after every use and clean your glass chamber once a week for optimal airflow.

The glass, base, and atomizer are all extremely easy to clean. And like I mentioned earlier, being able to replace your batteries instead of having to replace your whole e-rig means that the Focus V Carta V2 has the longest potential life-cycle of any e-rig we've reviewed to date. Overall, the Focus V Carta V2 ended up with a score of 4.6/5, earning it the Wikileaf Gold Seal of Approval.