What are Marijuana Moon Rocks? How Do You Make Them?

Not for the faint of heart

What are marijuana moon rocks

Moon rocks are marijuana buds coated with sticky THC concentrate and rolled in kief. Their thick outer coating makes the buds dense and barely recognizable, resembling something closer to a mossy pebble than a nugget of marijuana flower.

What Are Marijuana Moon Rocks?

Essentially the Turducken of weed, moon rocks were popularized by rapper Kurupt and producer Dr. Zodiak. Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak have won High Times Cannabis Cup awards for their products, which include flavors like strawberry, black cherry, and even vanilla ice cream. Their moon rocks weigh in at a whopping 64% THC.

While most popular strains of cannabis contain a THC content of 17-28%, moon rocks average closer to 50% THC. Any strain may be used to create moon rocks, but popular favorites include Girl Scout Cookies and Sour Diesel (the resulting product is aptly named Sour Moonrocks). Resin and kief can easily overpower mellower strains, but GSC and Sour Diesel are ideal choices due to their strong flavor profile. 

Moon rocks are also known as caviar because of their prized flavor and high price tag. They tend to fly off dispensary shelves, despite the fact that a gram can cost around $50

The Moon Rock Experience

Moon rocks have gained notoriety for the fact that they are ultra-potent. The high is described as a multi-dimensional experience with strong cerebral, psychedelic effects dominated by an intense body high. Medical patients may seek out this cannabis product for its relaxing and body-numbing effect. It is highly recommended to use in the evening or after you’ve completed all of your important tasks for the day. 

This is not a cannabis product for beginners. Use caution when considering using moon rocks for the first time (or any time after that.) The smoke is far from smooth and gentle: in fact, it’s similar to dabbing due to the THC concentrate, so you can expect a harsh hit and a potential coughing fit. Significantly higher-than-average THC levels can also lead to a host of unwanted side effects including:

  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Dizziness
  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Dry Mouth

To minimize the risk of getting far too high, start with a very small portion of your moon rock and wait several minutes between each hit. You may find that one or two puffs is sufficient to provide a powerful effect, even if you are a seasoned smoker. 

How to Make Your Own Moon Rocks

Moon rocks can be expensive and difficult to find commercially. When sourced from less-than-reputable dealers, you run the risk of getting weak bud, coated in inferior(or even worse, contaminated) hash oil, disguised with mid-grade kief. If you don’t have access to high-quality moon rocks like Dr. Zodiak’s, making your own is an economical and easy option. 


  • Cannabis
  • Hash oil/THC concentrate
  • Kief
  • Disposable gloves
  • Tweezers
  • Oil dropper/basting brush/butter knife
  1. Make sure your tweezers are clean. Put on your rubber gloves to prevent resin from making your hands sticky. If your THC concentrate has a thick or hard consistency, like wax or shatter, you’ll need to heat it until it is soft enough to coat your bud. Put a small amount of your wax on top of the flat side of a butter knife and use a lighter to heat the underside of the knife until it softens to a spreadable consistency. Keep the lighter a few inches away from the knife and use a back and forth motion as you heat to prevent premature combustion and an uneven consistency. If your oil is already a softer, thinner consistency, there is no need to warm it up.
  2. Pick up a single bud with your tweezers and use your preferred tool to coat the exterior. Use a dropper(like the ones used for CBD tinctures) or a basting brush for thinner oils. For thicker concentrates, you can use the same butter knife to slather your bud. Don’t dunk your buds directly into a container of oil or they’ll take far too long to dry and will be harder to smoke. You may want to allow this layer of hash oil to soak in and apply a second coat, or simply move on to the next step
  3. Roll or dust your oil-coated buds in kief until the exterior looks soft and fuzzy. Allow time to dry.

Moon Rock Tips

Don’t use a grinder: Moon rocks are best broken down with tweezers or a small pair of scissors. Using a grinder or your hands will make either extremely sticky. This also prevents you from losing the fluffy kief coating that imparts most of the moon rock’s delicious flavor profile as well as much of its potent punch.

Eat and hydrate first: While extreme munchies and cottonmouth are common after consuming moon rocks, it’s important to fill up beforehand. This can help with any possible nausea or dehydration. Keep snacks and water at the ready for after you have melted into your couch, as well.

Smoke out of glass: Using a bong or a glass pipe for smoking moon rocks is usually your best bet. Place a small piece of moon rock directly into your glassware, or on top of a bowl of weed. While it may be tempting to roll bits of moonrock into a joint or blunt, it will likely be very difficult to keep lit and nearly impossible to take a nice pull. If you’re absolutely determined to do so, use regular cannabis flower as a base and roll in a few small pieces. 

Moon rocks are an exciting and relatively new product on the cannabis scene. Smoking them will put you on another plane of existence entirely. The keys to enjoying this cannabis product are starting slow and knowing when to stop. Look for highly-rated moon rocks from reputable sources or make your own for the best experience. 

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