What are Marijuana Moon Rocks?

A type of weed not for the faint of heart.

What are marijuana moon rocks

Moon Rocks are quickly becoming all the rage down here on earth. Not exactly a marijuana strain (more on that later), Moon Rocks are the result of an inventiveness that happens in a variety of industries – once upon a time, chocolate and peanut butter were minding their own business until some genius decided to mix them together. None of us have been the same since. That’s sort of what Moon Rocks are: creative cannabis. It’s a lot of ingredients rolled into a form of superpower pot. Usually, Moon Rocks are made with nuggets of Girl Scout Cookies (the strain, not the things sold door to door that we eat after smoking the strain). These nuggets are soaked in hash oil and then sprinkled with a layer of kief.


Moon Rocks, Defined

Moon Rocks can be used as an umbrella term. There are different types and they are typically named something different based on their strain makeup – such as Sour Moonrocks for its Sour Diesel origins.

Sometimes called “caviar” (as it is considered the caviar of the cannabis industry), Moon Rocks aren’t for the faint of heart (or the faint of herb). They’re also not for first-time users. While the average marijuana strains possess THC levels between 15 and 30 percent, Moon Rocks percentage is much higher (closer to fifty or sixty percent).

Moon Rocks might not even be for seasoned users either. Simply, don’t smoke these unless you want to get high…..not “go to work and function” high, but “go to work and get fired” high. Moon Rocks’ intense high is probably the closest you can get to dabbing without actually busting out the torch and dabbing kit.

If you do choose to smoke these nuggets, it’s recommended to use a pipe or a hash bowl and to refrain from breaking down the bud with a weed grinder. Doing so will cause you to lose most of the kief (and some of the potency) in the process.

How To Make Moon Rocks

Because of the price of Moon Rocks, people are often deterred from purchasing them. Even those with medical conditions pay a hefty price; people looking for insurance benefits in regards to cannabis have an HMO-crap realization. This leaves many people wondering how to make their own. The good news is that creating Moon Rocks aren’t all that difficult: you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.

a weed moon rock

A moon rock made out of cannabis

The first thing you need are ingredients: nuggets (decent sized ones work best); kief; hash oil; and a pastry brush. You also need a pair of tweezers – clean them first, unless you want to inhale an eyebrow hair or two.

To begin, grab the bud with your tweezers and use the pastry brush to cover it with a layer of oil. You can then move onto the next step – the kief phase – or you can wait until the oil soaks in and then apply another layer; the outside needs to be sticky in order for the kief to adhere.

Cover the nuggets entirely in kief until you have a solid layer of pollen. Then set the Moon Rock aside to let it dry.

You can smoke Moon Rocks as you would normal bud (but refrain from using a grinder.

– instead, a knife works well). You can use Moon Rocks to make edibles too, but these will likely get you higher than smoking (and smoking gets you plenty high). So, consume with caution.

Where Do Moon Rocks Came From?

rapper Kurupt

Rapper Kurupt on the red carpet by Shutterstock

Despite their name, Moon Rocks aren’t derived from the actual moon – that’d be a cool story, though. Imagine if we could say Buzz Aldrin brought them back from space and, in fact, that’s how he ended up with the nickname “Buzz.” Instead, the origins are a little hazy. The credit may go to the rapper Kurupt, an artist based in LA  turned cannabis mogul. He trademarked a line of Moon Rock called “Kurupt’s Moonrock.” If he didn’t invent them, he certainly helped put them on the map.

Wherever they came from, they don’t come cheap. Per Westword Magazine, some Colorado dispensaries sell Moon Rocks for up to 1,400 dollars an ounce. By comparison, other high-grade strains are typically a quarter of the price.

A Note on Cannabis Caviar

While the terms “Moon Rocks” and “cannabis caviar” are usually synonymous and people discussing them are often referring to the same product, that’s not the case every time. Some dispensaries sell cannabis caviar that are nuggets soaked in oil, but minus the kief.

Thus, if you’re truly looking for Moon Rocks, specify that to your budtender so you don’t end up purchasing the wrong product.

The Benefits of Moon Rocks

Moon Rocks aren’t something you want to sit around smoking all day; you’ll get nothing done. Nothing.

Moon Rocks are a “one and done” smoke: a very small amount goes a long way.

Of course, this makes it beneficial for people using it for the medicinal perks. Anyone who suffers chronic pain, for instance, can experience lasting relief with minimal effort. But they have to get past the smoking experience first. It’s described as “harsh,” “rough,” and “not at all smooth.”

What to Do if You’re Too High From Moon Rocks

If Moon Rocks make you feel like you’re flying into space and you’re desperate to return to our atmosphere, there are a few things you can do to help alleviate the high. CBD oil, black pepper balls, and drinking lot of water might help (these work for some, others chalk these remedies up to folklore).

Taking a walk or a shower can help too. But sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself (and those around you) is to not panic no matter how much Web MD assures you that you’re dying: you’re not. Highs never last, not even when you want them to.

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