Stoner style has evolved almost as much as weed itself. Since summertime is one of the most stylish seasons of the year, we’ve found some of the best cannabis fashion trends for summer. For men and women who like to display their love for Mary Jane, there are plenty of cannabis fashion trends for summer to choose from. 

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Your Guide to the Best Cannabis Fashion Trends for Summer

Weed-Inspired Swimsuits

high waisted two piece weed bikiniSummer is all about long days spent at the beach, lake, or lazing by the pool, with swimsuits being one of the more obvious summer wardrobe staples. For the ladies, there are endless options for weed-inspired swimsuits no matter what your taste in beach attire may be. From high-waisted options and “conservative” one-pieces to bikinis with barely anything there, plenty of pot-inspired pieces are out there for the choosing.

Guys who want to display their love of herb can do the same. Weed board shorts are dope and will undoubtedly turn a head or two. If you’re a dude looking for a weed-inspired speedo, your dream suit may be out there, but you might have to search for it. 

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Sun Umbrella

A sun umbrella is another summer staple that should go literally wherever your summer adventures might take you. From shading your body from the intense summer sun or seeking shelter from a late afternoon thundershower, a pot-leaf umbrella is a cannabis fashion forward way to protect yourself from the elements.

Weed Snapback

Weed flat bill hatGuys and girls alike can both appreciate a snapback. No matter what your style, a snapback is something almost every stoner has at least one of. The Kush Friendly Weed Snapback is one that can be worn with anything from your swimsuit during the day to a cannabis camping weekend. Speaking of camping, Alice in Wonderland is a strain perfect for your outdoor adventures, one that will inspire your inner explorer and take you on a fall far down the rabbit hole.

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Weed Tank

Tank tops are another summer fashion trend that will never go out of style. With weed being one of the most fashion forward trends ever, both men and women will find a tank to perfectly fit their individual style. Whether you’re a dude who gets off showing your guns or a girl who wants a tank that expresses your personal pot style, there are a plethora of tank tops that will let you do just that whether travelling or simply relaxing during the dog days of summer.

Stash Bag

medium sized stash bagA stash bag is essential for any stoner during the summer. Pack up all your cannabis essentials in the Stash Logix medium bag whether headed out on a road trip or taking a trip to the park. It works exactly as its designed…super stashy and ready to keep all your canna gear in one snug spot for easy access.

Silk Maxi Cardigan

For the fashion conscious cannabis consumer who wants to turn heads this summer, nothing will do it like the we are Leone Contrast Maxi Cardigan. This floor-length silk cardigan is the perfect pot-inspired coverup for fashionistas who are fond of Mary Jane. For the high-end females who love to get high, this cardigan is sure to become one of your favorite summer staples.

Flip Flops and Slide Sandals

cannabis slidesSummer footwear is slim to none, but you can still step out with your best cannabis foot forward with weed-inspired flip flops or slide sandals. As one of the hottest cannabis fashion trends for summer, flips and slides make an understated statement whether walking on the beach at sunset smoking your favorite strain or chilling at a backyard barbeque.

Mary Jane Runway “Pothead” Hoodie Dress

This. If there’s one thing you ladies take from this article, let it be this dress. Mary Jane Runway has some of the most fabulous finds when it comes to cannabis inspired clothing, but the Pothead Hoodie Dress is proclaimed by the maker’s as “by far the coolest piece in the collection.” It’s badass enough to be worn out to an event (hello summer festivals), yet casual enough to wear on the reg. As a bright, bold, and beautiful statement, this dress is a lot like Mary Jane herself.

How Weed Became a Fashion Trend

Welcome to 2018, where marijuana fashion has gone mainstream. Today’s clothing tributes to cannabis are a far-cry from Grateful Dead tie-dyes and tributes to Cheech and Chong. Thanks to several high-end designers and fading social stereotypes, cannabis fashion has gotten a facelift.

According to Jacquie Aiche, Los Angeles-based jewelry designer who created the cannabis-inspired line Sweet Leaf, marijuana fashion “has come to symbolize freedom, happiness, and healing…all in a simple, beautiful form.”

“It’s like pairing beauty and bliss,” Aiche says.

Over the past few years, cannabis fashion has become an increasingly favored fashion trend. In Spring 2015, designer Mara Hoffman debuted weed-leaf dresses and sexy, sensi swimsuits. Alexander Wang added weed to his collection in 2016. In 2017, during New York Fashion Week, Hemponair founder Jason Lazar commented to a captive audience, “Not everyone who enjoys cannabis is the High Times stoner. A lot of people don’t realize that there are a lot of high-end, stylish products out there.”

Wherever your fashion tastes may fall, there’s something for your personal summer fashion needs. Check out the following cannabis fashion trends for summer perfect for anyone’s taste in haute pot couture.

Whatever your style may be, summer is the perfect time to show it off. These cannabis fashion trends for summer not only make a statement but will make you look amazing doing it.