Ah, summer time…no more classes, no more tests, just a bunch of cannabis festivals! Of course, most of us are well past our school days and the three-month break we loved in youth is typically non-existent. But that doesn’t mean we don’t still heart summer – the warm weather, the Seattle Hempfest long days, and the chance to get outside and do things all entice. And so do the happenings in the pot world. Depending on where you live, weed events may happen all year long or not at all, but the sunshine does up the game – it’s probably more fun to smoke a bowl in Minnesota when the temperature is actually positive. So, what’s on the docket for 2017? What’s coming down the pike and the marijuana pipe?

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Summer Cannabis Festivals

If you’re looking for something to doobie, consider one of the following:

Set to take place in Seattle (the title of the festival was my first clue!), Seattle Hempfest will be held in several parks – Myrtle Edwards Park, Centennial Park, and Olympic Sculpture Park. It’s gained a reputation for being “the world’s largest event advocating for the decriminalization of marijuana” and strives to take a peaceful stance on an argument that remains controversial in the opinions of some.

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Hempfest began back in 1991 and has grown as the years have marched on: it now draws crowds of nearly half a million people

It takes place over three days (August 18, 19, and 20) and is part political rally, part live music festival, part arts and craft show, and part party. There’s enough solid entertainment that even those who prefer not to get involved with the politics surrounding pot can still come and have a good time.

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For anyone who lives across the pond (or intends to visit this summer), the Product Earth Expo and Festival takes place as the season draws to a close – September 2 and 3 in Peterborough, United Kingdom. This festival is ideal for those who see pot as more than a recreational substance – it focuses on the therapeutic and medical benefits of cannabis with a special nod to the environment. Yep, Mother Nature is kind of swell. The festival offers a variety of vendors selling and sampling all sorts of products and highlights what you’d expect at any type of outdoor fair – food, drink, and live music.

Maybe not what you think of when you think “summer weed festival,” the Cannabis Science Conference is a good option for anyone hoping to nerd out while they green out. It takes place in Portland, Oregon from August 28th to the 30th and features a variety presentations that speak to the science behind weed. It offers a chance for people in the industry (or those thinking of joining the industry) to participate in workshops that cover the basics of cannabis ccannabis festivalshemistry and growth, such as edible manufacturing, cultivation, extraction, and analytical testing. Featured presenters include lab workers, research scientists, instrument manufacturers, medical doctors, and policymakers. It’s not the type of event you’ll want to attend if you’re only interested in the recreational benefits of cannabis but if you’re interested in the grass roots (literally), it’s worth your time. Summer is a season for many things – friends, family, fun, and, perhaps, some flying dragon.