Not to be confused with hemp rolling papers, hemp wraps are used as a nicotine-free alternative to blunt wraps. They can be difficult to find in regular smoke shops but widely available online or in some specialty stores.  Hemp wraps are fairly similar to rolling papers, considering they’re used to roll up smokeables. But unlike joints you’d roll with typical papers, hemp wraps burn slowly and are more akin to a blunt wrap. And yes, that means they can be tough to roll

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Hemp wraps vs blunt wraps 

Blunts burn longer and slower than joints and can hold a lot more, making them great for sharing.  Hemp wraps can get dehydrated quickly but can be brought back to life just as easily with a little moisture. They can be tough to wrap, though. Getting the sides to stick properly can be a bit of a learning curve, but it’s do-able for a determined blunt wrapper.  Of course, not all hemp wraps are the same. I've rounded up the best hemp wraps available today based on a number of features. Let’s take a look:

High Hemp Wraps  

I love this company’s use of organic hemp sourced from non-GMO plants in Amsterdam. They’re vegan, slow-burning, and come with recyclable filter tips. They can be a little crunchy and rough to roll, but just need a little hydration and patience.  One cool thing to note about High Hemp Wraps is that they contain CBD for an added touch to the experience.  They come in several flavors, including: Original, Honey Pot Swirl, Grape Ape, Blazin’ Cherry, Hydro Lemonade, and Maui Mango.  

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Kingpin Hemp Wraps

If you want a good bang for your buck, Kingpin might just have the hemp wraps for you. These natural, non-GMO hemp wraps come in packs of four at under $2, which is a great deal compared to some of the other hemp wraps on the market.  And if you struggle to roll, the Kingpin wraps have got you covered as well. They have a pre-folded crease meant to make rolling the notoriously difficult hemp wraps a little bit easier. However, the wraps may require a lot of saliva or moisture to get them to stick together.  Kingpin wraps come in a variety of flavors, like Natural, Grape, Laid Back (earthy and semi-sweet), Mango, and Spanish Fly (caramely). The flavors are generally well-liked, with users acknowledging that these wraps maintain a paper-y blunt taste. 

Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps 

Juicy Jay’s makes several types of rolling supplies, so be sure you’re grabbing the right ones as other varieties do contain nicotine.  These wraps come in Natural, Strawberry, Tropical Passion, Mango Papaya, Grapes Gone Wild, and Black N Blueberry. They taste great and burn both slowly and smoothly.  If you’re into fruity flavors, you’ll either love or hate how strong these tastes come through. Luckily for those who don’t want an overwhelming flavor blast, the natural version is more simple.  These hemp wraps are also considered to be easier to roll than some other brands, which is a huge perk if you already struggle to roll blunts or other varieties of hemp wraps. 

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Lit Culture Hemp Wraps 

Available in Original, Sweet Georgia Peach, Paradise Express, Miami Mango, and Russian Cream, Lit Culture Hemp Wraps are a tasty alternative to nicotine-filled blunt wraps.  These wraps are organically grown and non-GMO. They provide a smooth smoke, burning slowly and evenly without any harshness.  As far as rolling goes, these hemp wraps have a good reputation for being on the easier side and seem to maintain their moisture. 

Twisted Hemp Wraps

These hemp wraps come in six powerful flavors, including: Endless Summer, California Dream, Grape Burst, Plain Jane, Sweet, and Tropical Breeze.  Their flavors are pretty universally-loved, with users raving about how delicious they are while maintaining a sense of purity.  Twisted Hemp Wraps burn slowly and evenly and are made from organic hemp. And at four for under $2, this is another great bang for your buck. 

Why use hemp wraps?

As more and more people are looking for a nicotine-free alternative to blunt wrap.  Hemp wraps are a great way to get that blunt-smoking experience without the nicotine. They burn slowly and smoothly and can hold a lot of bud, which are crucial elements to a satisfying blunt.  Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to their favorite products. If you use a wrap that is too dry for your liking or doesn’t taste right, there are many other options out on the market to try. There are lots of wonderful options out there, these are just our top picks.