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About Baklava

History & Genetics

If you’re a fan of Action Bronson then you’re likely acquainted with Baklava, a heavy-hitting strain from Northern California’s Alien Labs. This cross between Kosher Kush and Gelato 41 will have you rethinking your relationship with indica-dominant bud, as Baklava is said to induce an amazing set of effects and coat your taste buds with some pretty delicious flavors. Time and time again, smokers will claim that Baklava isn’t for novices, as the strain averages 24% THC potency and tends to pack a punch.

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Appearance, Aroma, & Flavor

Each dense nug features a dark green base and is accented by so many hairs and trichomes that they almost appear fuzzy to the touch. Those expecting this to be a dessert strain are right on the money, although this bud probably won’t taste how you’d expect. Notes of berries and citrus mingle with cream as you inhale then suddenly take a turn during your exhale, bringing diesel and spicy herbs into the mix.

Typical Effects


Common Usage



The team at Alien Labs is all about having a good time, so you likely won’t be disappointed with your Baklava experience. Most smokers describe their high as one that starts off incredibly euphoric, and despite her indica-leaning tendencies, this strain might infuse you with a bit of short-lived energy. Rather than feeling foggy-headed, it’s possible that this strain will help you to focus on your thoughts while your body sinks deeper into bliss. Before long, you’ll possibly have a new love affair with your couch and you may not want to move.

THC Content











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When a strain tastes great and is potent as can be, medical users tend to gravitate toward it. Baklava is no exception, with reports claiming that this bud is ideal for handling nagging bodily pain that you just want to go away after a long day.

Mental concerns like anxiety and depression may also be eased after a few tokes, making this strain one that you’ll wish you could smoke all day long. Others have even said that Baklava is ideal for treating nausea or a loss of appetite, so if you’re looking for help in that department, it’s recommended that you prepare your food before couch-lock kicks in.


So many people have fallen in love with Baklava that it’s only normal to want to grow it at home. In general, California growers tend to be rather particular when it comes to sharing seeds and clones, and Alien Labs is definitely one of those companies. In fact, they stay under the radar in just about every way possible, so it’s highly unlikely that you’d be able to cultivate their strains at home.

Whether you’re an Action Bronson fan or not, there’s no reason not to try Baklava at least once. Her flavors offer a balanced blend of sweet and savory, her effects are said to be incredible, and if you live in California, she’s probably pretty easy to find. Baklava may not be your typical dessert strain as you could feel a bit of energy at the start, but rest assured, you’ll end the night on a relaxing note.


August 16, 2023


Great taste! Great high! Beautiful strain

December 15, 2022

Stayin’ medicated

This is an epic strain right here!!! I just picked up some fresh baklava from alien labs out here from my local dispensary. This strain really helped me a lot get out of the funk I felt like I’ve been in. I felt really clear headed, focused, less anxious and overall ready to get things done. This strain made me want to get up and go for a bike right or workout. It kind of reminds me of a similar feeling I had of MAC1. Not to mention how good this strain helped with my muscle pains. I feel like I’m on a cloud of happiness. Thank you baklava!

April 14, 2021


Picked up a pre-rolled LoudPack Baklava joint. Nice looking joint the flavor palate is layered with multiple flavors, hints of citrus and berries, earthy and ends with a dank of diesel. 100% body high, mind is clear but just started. Will come back to update....Ok 1.5 hours later Mind is clear, and the body is relaxed. I got a foot massage and fell a sleep. Woke up refresh and in the couch. Pulled myself out got some munchies and are now giving this review. It is not Utopia but pretty close to nirvanas but not quite. Great for my pain...what pain. Well worth the try.