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About Gelato #41

History & Genetics

Flavour Chasers made Gelato #41 as a daytime smoke that’s perfect for crushing bad feels and getting your body and mind to a better place. For those that let stress affect their mood, this strain is sure to bring you back, helping you feel functional and happy and enjoy life without procrastinating. Most strains out there help you put off work – this one can get you up and working! Insanely high THC levels help get you there. This strain was made as a cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet.

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Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

Gelato #41 gets its fruity, sweet flavor and aroma from its popular and tasty parents. Those who partake are hit with an earthy, diesel taste that breaks up into floral and citrus tones as they smoke. The nose flavor is creamy and sweet while the herbs keep burning.

Typical Effects


Common Usage


The Gelato #41 plant grows in super dense buds that are dark forest green and splashed with deep purple under the leaves. The crystal trichomes grow abundantly all over the plant with more bright orange pistils than most growers are used to seeing. Between the orange and the crystals, you can barely see the buds!

THC Content











The strain won 1st place in the indica category at the High Times California Cannabis Cup, partly because of its 29% THC level. It was also lauded for its incredible aroma, which is a tantalizing mix of wood flavors, citrus, pine, and sweet berries.

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The rare buzz caused by Gelato #41 is potent and gets you going. If you need to do work or focus on house cleaning, chores, hanging out with friends, or other focused tasks, you can use Gelato to get your brain moving. The mental lethargy common in many strains is exactly the kind of brain fog a snack of Gelato is designed to destroy.

Gelato #41 takes “mood-altering” fully to heart by giving you a feel-good, heady high that’s perfect for doing hobbies like arts and crafts, knitting, and other focused, calm, happy things. The strain is just as popular for these mood-boosting effects as for giving people euphoria, suppressing appetite, reducing inflammation and pain, and eliminating stress and anxiety. The terpenes, humulene and linalool, have something to do with this. They’re both known for killing inflammation and they’re both central in Gelato #41.

The deliciousness is only supported by the myriad effects. Due to its ability to reduce muscle spasms and inflammation, users with fibromyalgia often report surprise benefits. Everyone else just enjoys the ride.


This tasty strain typically flowers in 7-9 weeks and can be grown indoors or outdoors. Gelato strains prefer warm, humid conditions so make sure to keep that in mind. 


October 12, 2021

Chris Williams

This is probably one of the best strains that I’ve ever had. I went to the beach with a friend for 2 days with an ounce and came back with 20 grams. The strain sets you in a deep relaxation and instantly makes you feel completely calm. I don’t recommend this if you have anything productive to do for the day. The strain is best used for going to the beach, going hiking, or spending a nice day off. Be prepared for cottonmouth and the munchies, so I suggest preparing some snacks and drinks before hand. I highly recommend this to all of my friends who can get a hold of it.

August 24, 2021

Sookie Boyett

wow! ... this may be my new 1st most best favorite stain. a couple of puffs in the late morning and ive got my phone on the charger and carpin those diems and feeling all sorts of groovy good vibes that melt my lifes worries away like a fudge pop in July.