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History & Genetics

Kosher Kush is a mostly indica hybrid that won the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in 2012. It has the distinction of being the first commercial strain blessed by a Rabbi. The blessing is thought to bring both enlightenment and a state of blissful tranquility.

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Kosher Kush's genetics are mostly a mystery though most growers agree that the strain likely contains OG Kush in its lineage.

Typical Effects

Dry Eyes
Dry Eyes

Common Usage


This strain produces a powerful yet lazy body buzz that can leave novice users quite sedated, but it also lifts their moods with its sativa-based cerebral effects.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

This stinky strain is known for its pungent, earthy aroma that hits you right in the face. It's reminiscent of pine, with notes of citrus and berry. These bright green nugs are typically covered in lots of trichomes and orange hairs

THC Content











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New users warn that great caution should be exercised when using this strain as the sleepiness can be overwhelming. This attribute, however, makes Kosher Kush effective for treating insomnia and restlessness caused by anxiety and stress. Patients dealing with pain may also find it helpful due to its numbing body effects.

Dry eyes and mouth, paranoia, dizziness, and anxiety are all possible downsides of this strain.


The strain comes from California and originally had a far more offensive name before dispensary owners decided such a good strain shouldn't be ruined by a few thoughtless stoners. 

It should be grown indoors and can be grown successfully by beginners. After flowering for nine to ten weeks, plants can produce up to 550 grams per square meter.


November 13, 2023

Full D

This was one of the first strains in a long time, that as soon as I hit it and exhaled, I said "yeah this is medical".Thoughts just... Stopped. Like immediately, all thoughts immediately ceased. Then relaxation, body feels good... Highly recommend this strain. Will be growing this one soon even though the seeds (from DNA Genetics) are rare af!MOZZLETOFF!

August 23, 2022

Stayin medicated

Overall this is an epic strain that is a treat to have. Like some reviews said it’s not insanely dank looking like some cookie strains and other newer school crosses but it does the job and does it great! Had me super relaxed and chilled out enjoying some movies and eventually falling asleep. Your great kush feeling. Need more growers to start growing this one some more

January 12, 2022


Kosher Kush! Another classic landrace indica strain. Kosher Kush isn't easy on the eyes the bag appeal won't wow you due to the wispy nature of the strain but don't let that sway you Kosher Kush is a great strain..medium high cerebral on constant par with a medium body buzz. This is a strain worth grabbing for a good relaxing day in the house just lounging about leading up to wonderful nap.

March 10, 2021


Im not sure of the differences between the bud and the vape, but I got 3 different effects from this strain. When I vaped this, I felt extremely happy and focused. My house got a complete overhaul because of it. Just little things here and there that I may have overlooked. I had much better attention to little details. But! If I sat down long enough, I'd feel very relaxed and borderline sleepy. Lastly, the present seemed to unfold to me like memories. It was a really interesting feeling ...made me appreciate the moment more.

February 3, 2021

diah reeyah

I'm so stoned I can barely type this. Makes me very sleepy although I have a high tolerance. Tastes good but I kind of hate the dry eyes.