This week's Wikileaf Social Spotlight has landed on Rachel Hurvitz, Senior Brand Marketing Manager for GCH, who licenses Willie's Reserve. In the interview, Rachel talks about what she calls "coming out green" and explains what it's like living a double life, trying to exist as both the professional, socially acceptable Rachel, as well as the Rachel who enjoys consuming cannabis. The concept of having to live a dual life because of cannabis and the related stigmas is something not unfamiliar to a lot of daily consumers, and Rachel shines like a beacon of hope to all who look forward to the day they can "come out green" in a world free of those stigmas.

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Why do you choose to consume?

I first experimented with cannabis as a rebellious teenager. As an inquisitive child with blue blood liberals for parents, I always had an inkling that the dangers society taught us about cannabis were wrong. As of late, I'm a daily smoker. Throughout my life, I have used cannabis in my many different ways and for many different reasons. For stress, anxiety, and pain relief, as well as a sleep aid, a motivator, and a social lubricant. Cannabis has always helped me to let loose, and wash the day's stress of my body and mind. Meet Wikileaf Social Spotlight, Rachel Hurvitz

How has cannabis affected your lifestyle?

Until I joined the cannabis industry in 2016, and came out green, my cannabis use caused me to lead a bit of a duplicitous lifestyle. At a young age, I was a leader in my community, specifically during my athletic career. While my very close friends and family knew I consumed cannabis, I often had to be secretive about my relationship with the plant. While drinking during college was socially acceptable and allowed by NCAA rules (if of age), the consumption of cannabis of course and was not, and continues not to be. In turn, I found I often had to compartmentalize my friend circles. Through my family's encouragement, I viewed having different groups of friends as a positive in my life. However, the negative stigma surrounding weed forced me to make conscious choices about who to consume in front of, and who I felt comfortable being around. Despite the fear and risk of losing my athletic eligibility, I always felt the plant was helping me. As I grew older and entered my professional career, many friends slowed or stopped their cannabis use, but my love for the plant remained. It definitely felt like the stigma worsened as a professional, and a cannabis user. It's one thing for people to view you as "young and rebellious," but it's another to be viewed a "pothead." As a young woman trying to be taken seriously in the business world, the lens of stigma was too hard to break, and the need to be secretive returned. Rachel is the Brand Marketing Specialist for GCH

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How did you get involved in cannabis advocacy?

I think I've always been a cannabis advocate. I've always encouraged its safe use, and for people to give the plant a try with an open mind. My move to become a cannabis professional and an outspoken advocate for the plant both came at once with a job offer from Willie's Reserve.

What is your favorite activity to do while stoned?

Laughing with my friends. Meet Wikileaf Social Spotlight Rachel Hurvitz

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What's your favorite way to consume?

A good old fashion glass pipe and some great flower around a kitchen table sound perfect to me. When I'm dealing with anxiety, I prefer low dose edibles, and when I'm on the go I reach for the vape pen.

What's your most memorable high story you have?

The first time I met Willie Nelson on his ranch in Luck, Texas. Rachel met Willie Nelson

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

Your body is strong than your brain thinks it is. Push through the pain.

What's your favorite high food?

PIZZZA! Wikileaf Social Spotlight: Rachel Hurvitz