This week, we let our Director of Client Relations make a playlist paired with one of her favorite strains, Sunset Sherbet. The playlist she made for you guys is really just a compilation of feel-good happy dance songs, making this pairing perfect.

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When you're just trying to get stoned and vibe out (maybe dance around in your underwear using a broom as a mic) you'll definitely want to turn on this playlist and turn up the volume. Just make sure nobody's watching, because this strain will have you so lost in the music that your arms and legs will probably just flail around while you're dancing (especially if you're high), and we can't be held accountable for the jokes that might ensue if someone were to see you. One thing's for sure: you can't help but smile when the music starts.

Sunset Sherbet

Try smoking this strainThe strain that Chanel chose this week is as bubbly as she is. I asked her if it was her favorite and she replied, "One of them. It's very giggly!" Most of you probably haven't had the pleasure of being high with Chanel, but let me tell you, it's already a great, giggly time. I can only imagine what it would be like if we smoked Sunset Sherbet together (maybe we should record a video of us smoking it and see what happens!)

Sunset Sherbet is an 80% Indica, but don't let that fool you. While you are definitely getting the full body high of an indica, there is also a sativa-y energizing aspect of the high. You might end up couch-locked, but mentally, you'll still be stimulated. If you need a creative boost, or if you're having a friendly get together and need something that helps keep the vibe social and engaged, this is both the strain AND the playlist for you.

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