This week's strain is going to kick you back, back, waaaaaay back, to a more historic time: November 2008, when Barack Obama was elected President of the United States. Remember that time? Everyone was happy, Twitter was a space safe from rants on the POTUS account, and we didn't have to wake up wondering if we were going to get bombed by Russia that day. If you'd like to feel that same sense of security and relaxation today, then go out, grab yourself some Obama Kush, and listen to this playlist. Our Director of Client Relations, Chanel, crafted a mellow but melodic playlist that just takes you to a land of bliss. It's perfect to listen to when you just want to vibe out and not think about the day. President Barack Obama, Obama Kush

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Strain of the Week: Obama Kush

Obama Kush is an indica leaning hybrid that is known for inducing a feeling of relaxation and euphoria. Its recommended time of use is in the evening/nighttime, which makes it the perfect strain to unwind with after a long stressful day. It pairs perfectly with the playlist that Chanel made, which sonically facilitates the relaxation brought on by Obama Kush. Hope you enjoy!