Wikileaf in the Mix: LSD

LSD is the strain of the week

There really isn’t any way to describe this week’s Wikileaf in the Mix playlist other than trippy, which seems a little cliche considering the strain is LSD (but it’s true!) The playlist obviously starts with A$AP Rocky’s L$D, in which Rocky personifies the drug as a female who gives him this strong sense of euphoria that he can’t find anywhere else. The song has a slow, almost ominous melody. From there, we move on to classics like The Beatles, and some more modern bands with the same type of vibe, like Tame Impala, and then it ends on the perfect come. All in all, this playlist really sets the tone for some mind-altering.


Enter LSD (the strain, not the hallucinogenic.) LSD is a 55% Indica dominant strain that brings on an extremely euphoric and cerebral high. After the initial head high (which should last for about an hour or two) this strain mellows out into a nice body-numbing high, which makes it perfect for combating chronic pain.

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It’s 4/20 this weekend, so we know all of you are going out and re-upping for the celebration. Make sure you add some LSD to your shopping list and throw this playlist on. We getting trippy mayne!

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