Bored? Try Playing These Weed Games

The energy will be high during these games.

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Playing weed games with friends is a fun way to add variety to your cannabis consumption. Similar to drinking games, playing games with marijuana brings a group of people together over a common activity. Next time you’re looking for something to spice up your smoke session, try one of these weed games.

Bong Pong

Much like its classic party counterpart, beer pong, bong pong involves individuals or teams of two trying to land a ping pong ball into the opponent’s cup. Every time you make it in the opponent’s cup, they have to drink from the cup.

The rules can bend for the marijuana version, depending on your style. The opponent can have to take a hit each time the ball lands in their cup, or you can take a hit when you land the ball in their cup as a reward. Another version is to include beer in the cups and have the opposing team drink the beer when you make a shot, while you take a hit of marijuana. Alcohol and weed can be a powerful combination, so use good judgment deciding which rules to play by.

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Basketball fans will like this variation of the game “H-O-R-S-E”, where two or more players take turns trying to match their opponents’ shots. If they miss, they get an “H”, and then an “O” and so on until someone spells out the word “horse”.

The weed variation is the same, except you spell out “B-L-U-N-T”. The loser has to roll the blunt, and the winner gets to light it first.

Keep a Straight Face

This is an easy game for a group of friends who tend to get giggly after hitting the ganj. The rules are simple, and it can be played at any time without any supplies.

Everyone needs to get sufficiently stoned, and then the group must assemble and stare at one another. The first one to laugh or break their straight face is out and has to take a hit. The players continue to stare at one another until everyone has been eliminated and there is just one person left.

Rolling Competitions

Competitive joint or blunt rolling will be fun for both amazing rollers and those who are terrible at it. Just be sure to match up the skills in a fair way.

Get all of the supplies prepared for rolling blunts or joints, and give every participant their own portion. They can either compete to see who rolls the best overall or have a timed competition for added suspense. The most appealing roll wins, and the winner gets to light it. 

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This weed game works best with a group of friends sitting in a circle, That ‘70s Show-style. Pass the weed around like usual, but you’ll have to decide how many hits you want each person to take on their turn. Two is a good starting point unless you’ve got people who are not seasoned tokers playing along.

After you take a hit, you have to hold the smoke in until it’s your turn again. If you exhale before it comes back, you lose a turn. This gets harder with the more people playing, and is not much of a challenge in a small group.

Power Hour

This game is best suited for regular smokers who can handle a lot of marijuana at a time.

Power hour is another drinking-game-turned-smoking-game, and it will undoubtedly get you really high. In the drinking game, you take a drink every minute for a full hour, effectively getting wasted in 60 minutes. The weed version may have less sloppy results.

Every 60 seconds, take a toke from whatever device you are using. If you’re with a group of friends, be sure you have a good supply of cannabis because it will go fast. An alternative that uses less weed is to make a playlist of relatively short songs and take a hit every time a new song begins. Just be sure someone is paying attention because it’s bound to get spacey and distractible in there.

Never Have I Ever

This is another adaptation of a classic drinking game. Everyone starts with both hands held up for ten fingers. Players take turns with a “never have I ever” statement, and everyone who has done that thing has to take lower a finger and take a hit of the weed.

If one player says, “never have I ever been to Alaska”, everyone in the group who has been to Alaska has to put down one finger and take a toke. The winner is the last person to still have a finger up.

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Other Weed Games

Plenty of other games can be adapted to revolve around you and your friend’s smoking habits. Card games like Blackjack, High-or-Low, or even Go Fish can all be adapted to have players take hits when different things happen.

There are also plenty of games that revolve around seeing who can handle the most amount of weed in the smallest amount of time. These can be fun, but they require seasoned stoners who won’t end up making themselves sick.

Drinking games that revolve around movies or television shows can easily swap out “drink whenever someone says…” to “take a hit whenever someone says…”.

Things to Keep In Mind

Smoking games are a fun alternative to drinking games, and can get a group of people to engage and get to know one another in a relaxed setting. Most of these games require a lot of smoking, so be sure that everyone can handle the amount you’re playing with. Be sure to listen to your body, and don’t make yourself sick just to win a game.

Alcohol and marijuana can be a powerful combination, and the two together are known to get people way more intoxicated than intended. It’s not a good idea to mix heavy drinking with smoking cannabis, so be sure to watch out for your friends and yourself while you partake in the fun.

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