Vaping isn't just easier on your lungs and the air around you, it can also be a lot of fun. In fact, since vaping took the world by storms a few years back there has been a steady stream of vape tricks emerging from folks like you and me who like to play around while vaping.

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At this point, it's fair to say an art form has emerged. So let's take a deeper look at 10 of the most popular vape tricks out there, and explore ways to practice and perfect them right at home.

The Smoke Ring 

Anyone who wanted to be Gandalf when they grew up (and that's pretty much everyone, right?) will want to learn how to do the most classic of all vape tricks – blow a smoke ring. And the good news its actually one of the easier feats to master.

First, inhale a full puff into your throat, but not down into your lungs and try to hold as much of the vapor there as possible. Now move your tongue to the back of your mouth and form a small “O” shape with your lips.

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Then you want to push small amounts of vape smoke out of your throat and through your mouth using short and shallow rhythmic breaths.

The final push comes from your lips themselves, which, when contracted slightly, form the desired “O” that brings all the oohs and ahhs.

The Waterfall

This cool trick actually makes it look like you are pouring a thick water, or even milk like, substance out of a bottle after all you have done is blow a cloud of vape smoke in.

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In fact, despite the super coolness of the effect, its really one of the easiest of all vape tricks to do once you understand the simple science behind it. So here is what you do. First, you need a bit of a setup.

Pour a small amount of water into the bottom of a plastic water bottle – a couple of inches will do fine. Then place the water bottle in the freezer in an upright position and allow the water to freeze completely in the bottom of the bottle. Now when you are ready to create the waterfall effect, just take the bottle out of the freezer and then blow a heavy hit of vape smoke into it.

The cold water at the bottom will change the constancy of the vapor, making it heavier and denser, and then when you upend the bottle it will pour out like a liquid.

The Ghost

This is easy for beginners vape trick that looks cool right from the snap. Basically, you just inhale all of the vape smoke into your mouth and hold it there. Then you push it out into a ball shape that hovers in front of your mouth. Now suck it back in quickly. This should produce a cool “ghost” that remains in the air for a moment or two.

The Dragon 

Another easy to master beginner trick that is cool as hell. All you have to do is once again inhale the vape smoke into your mouth and hold it there. Now, close your mouth except at the two corners, where you will create small openings. When you exhale, breath out of both nostrils and the corners of the mouth to create a cool wise Asian dragon style effect that will not fail to impress.

The Misty Cocktail 

This is a great vape trick to do at a party where there are drinks involved, as you will be turning a regular glass of something into a mystical magic potion. Make sure the drink is cold. Then take a deep puff of vape smoke before exhaling slowly into the cup and on top of the liquid. The cold will solidify the vape smoke a bit, making it linger and drift around like a witch's brew.

The Jellyfish 

Now we are getting to some more advanced vape tricks, so make sure you have practiced and mastered some of the more simple ones before trying the Jellyfish. You basically have to create two different “O” rings to make the Jellyfish. The first one needs to be pulled forward and expanded by creating an airflow with your hands, then you blow the second one right into the middle of the first to create the effect. It sounds difficult but with practice, you will get it!

The Bull Ring

This trick also requires previous mastery of the “O” ring. First, you will blow a large-sized ring, so inhale lots of vape smoke so that it is nice and solid. Then you want to position your nose over the top of the ring and inhale slightly so that just a bit of smoke enters your nostrils. The effect is that you have a bull style nose ring made of vapor!

Vape Bending

Vape bending is an advanced technique but if you master it you can do cool things like moving your vape creations around the room and bring them to life. Vape bending requires playing with the airflows created by hand movements around the vape. Start with moving “O” rings around until you get the hang of it and then apply it to other creations.


This trick is just like making “O” rings except now you are doing tiny ones, which requires much more skill. The secret here is to tap lightly on your cheek instead of blowing to create the light breath needed to do this perfectly.


An advanced vape trick, making a triangle involves mastering both “O” rings and vape bending to a pretty high level. After blowing the ring, you use three separate small airflow bends to tweak the corners of the triangle into shape from the circle.