Looking for quality cannabis in Nevada? Look no further than The Source+, one of Reno’s top cannabis dispensaries. Since The Source+ unveiled its Reno location in September 2020, the company has built a community of cannabis enthusiasts from the novice level all the way to connoisseurs. With a wide array of affordable wellness goods and services, The Source+ is best known for its friendly community-oriented service and its high-quality products, vetted by layers of quality control systems to guarantee exceeded expectations. In fact, all of The Source+’s cannabis is tested by a local third-party testing facility to accurately gauge THC, CBD, and CBN levels, and ensure there are no pesticides, molds, or fungus.  The Source+’s product procurement team’s only objective is to meet their patient and customer needs, and have already developed products that cannot be found in other dispensaries, like its award-winning solventless rosin cartridge, CAMP. The Source+ is the first dispensary in Nevada to carry this type of product, which are the first solventless cannabis products in the state. Not only that, but they are currently giving away a $200 gift card for online and in-store shopping.  On top of quality, the Reno dispensary was built on the premise of providing exceptional customer service, something The Source+’s team prides itself on across all locations. In order to achieve this, The Source+ flew in experts from across the country to train its management team. As the recreational & medical marijuana industry in Nevada develops and matures, The Source+ continues to serve as an exemplary retail business. 

An employee at The Source in Reno, Nevada Provided by The Source+
The Source+’s safe, clean, and compassionate environment is dedicated to helping customers heal with a variety of wellness programs, education and advocacy, positive encouragement, and mutual respect. The company’s commitment to furthering the recreational and medical cannabis movement is achieved through its upheld mission of safety, education, and quality. And the best part is, there’s only more to come.  We sat down with Matt Janz, The Source+'s Director of THC Marketing. Janz, who has long admired the company’s brand positioning, messaging and clean design, is responsible for planning, developing and implementing communications campaigns for a popular dispensary, which has three locations across Nevada.

How is The Source+ different from other dispensaries?

The Source+ is dedicated to elevating the communities we serve. For us, that means working to improve our friends, family, and neighbor’s quality of life. From our Higher Education seminars to our fundraising efforts for local charities, and all the way to the one-on-one consultations educating our guests, we are committed to making the people and places we serve a better place. Through education, support, and community engagement we are your neighborhood dispensary.

What is The Source+’s main draw for customers since there’s so many dispensaries in Nevada?

The Source+ secret sauce is our people. Their compassion for our community, their unrelenting passion for cannabis, and their genuine interest in helping others are incomparable. As cliché as it sounds, we are the Cheers of dispensaries. Aside from the people and plant-oriented environment our staff embodies, we have a strong rewards program to give back to our customers on every purchase they make, a wide and diverse product assortment to meet everyone’s unique needs, and the best price for the best products in the market.

How does The Source+ ensure its mission to provide customers with a safe, clean, comfortable and compassionate environment?

Our customer’s safety has been a top priority for The Source+ since our inception. It’s why our brand CAMP produced Nevada’s first solventless cartridge – to provide cannabis vape consumers a safe and health-conscious alternative with zero solvents and true to flower taste and effects. We’ve taken every meticulous precaution to protect the safety of our community and go above and beyond what regulations require. This includes:

  • We continue to go above and beyond our already high standards when it comes to the cleanliness of our dispensaries. We believe all cannabis use is medical, and as such we have a heightened awareness for making sure our shelves, floors, door handles, and all high-traffic areas are sanitized several times a day.
  • We receive our flower in bulk and package it ourselves, following strict protocol with personal hygiene, gloves, and masks. No one touches your flower until you consume it.
  • We are using UV-C devices during the opening and closing procedures to sweep the entire store. UV-C is used extensively in healthcare to disinfect germs, bacteria, and viruses. These will complement and supplement our existing cleaning and sanitation protocols.
  • We are using infrared no-touch thermometers to scan all employees and guests before entering the facility. Individuals with a high temperature will not be allowed in-store – guests have the option of shopping via curbside or delivery and employees are sent home and asked to get tested and cleared before returning to work.
  • Regular cleaning and sanitation – we continue to adhere to our SOP’s by cleaning and disinfecting high touch surfaces throughout the day. Change trays and windows are wiped down between every transaction.
  • UV filters in the HVAC air handlers – the stores cycle their air through the HVAC system multiple times an hour and these UV filters “scrub” the air of germs, viruses, and bacteria. These have been in place for at least the last 2-3 years and were most recently serviced in February as COVID became a concern.
  • Mandatory use of masks – All team members and customers are expected to wear a mask or face covering while in the store. This is now a state mandate issued by the Governor’s office.
  • Mandatory use of gloves – All team members are expected to wear gloves, especially when interacting with customers or products. Gloves should be changed or disinfected regularly.
  • Frequent hand washing – Hand sanitizer and gloves are not a replacement for frequent hand washing.
  • Visibly sick or coughing – Per the emergency regulations, customers who are visibly sick, and especially anyone coughing, are to be denied entry to the dispensary. The use of infrared thermometers will aid in enforcing this – a guest who is coughing, even if not showing a fever, would still be denied entry.
  • Commercial cleaning service –commercial cleaning frequency has been increased to 3 days a week during this time to support our cleaning and sanitation efforts. 

An employee from The Source in Reno, Nevada in front of a blue background Provided by The Source+

How has The Source+ stayed in tune with current events?

From a marketing perspective, we have continued to lead with empathy, understanding, and compassion. During the start of the pandemic, it became more important than ever to over-communicate – to provide certainty to those in uncertain and difficult times. We provided resources for mental health, provided walk-throughs for signing up for video call options to stay connected, and helped connect our customers to available resources in our communities. It’s critical for us to help our customers beyond just the cannabis we provide. We are here to do good for others and that was more important than ever as we navigated through the challenging waters of the pandemic. 

What aspect of the dispensary are you proudest of? 

Our team. During the start of the pandemic, our team structured, implemented, and rolled out a new point of sale, digital ordering platform, fleet management software, in-house delivery, and operations SOPs (just to name a few) – all within a few weeks. Their dedication to maintaining exceptional service and their nimbleness was nothing short of inspiring. We had to make multiple pivots during regulation changes and our team faced them with a positive attitude, an unmatched hustle, and did so while remaining focused on serving our communities the best we could. Our team’s dedication, persistence, and commitment to their mission is something we feel a tremendous sense of pride in and continue to be grateful for.

What growth in the industry do you foresee in the near future, and how will The Source+ be a catalyst?

We believe that the future of cannabis is solventless. With health being top of mind for so many, it’s critical to avoid any unnecessary health risks. CAMP’s solventless line of products meets the need for higher potency concentrated products like rosin and their rosin cartridges, but without additives and solvents like butane and propane. Rosin provides a true to flower taste and effect and is created with just heat and pressure (and sometimes ice water). You get all of the cannabinoids and terpenes expressed in the flower in a solventless concentrate easily utilized in either vape or rosin. With CAMP’s offerings of flower rosin, ice water hash rosin, and live rosin – there’s unlimited potential to the growth of solventless. 

What’s next for The Source+ in terms of product development? 

CAMP is getting ready to release an exciting new disposable. CAMP’s new disposable was engineered to meet the unique boiling points of the rosin inside and contains a 350 mAh battery, giving a consistent experience with each use. Whereas traditional batteries may either under or overheat rosin because of its unique viscosity, our new technology meets that need perfectly. CAMP’s inhale-activated rosin disposable is built to last and created with the most current, durable, and sustainable materials.