Plenty of ways exist to theoretically pass a basic drug test, but when you really need to be sure, synthetic urine is the best way to beat a drug test. There is some debate about the specifics, and everyone’s biology is different, but cannabis can be detected by tests for at least eight full days after it is ingested. With most tests being ordered within 2-3 days at most, there isn’t much time to experiment. If you don't have time to flush your system and have no friends with clean urine, synthetic urine might not only be your best option but your only option. 

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What Exactly is Synthetic Urine?

It goes by plenty of names, but synthetic urine is basically lab-created pee that uses a special chemical composition along with additional factors like color, smell, and temperature to create a convincing replacement specimen. And while it may only need to be enough to trick a basic testing kit used by most quick-read systems, the chemicals in synthetic urine need to be as close to real pee as possible.

Any good synthetic urine will have appropriate levels of chemicals like ammonia, uric acid, sulfates, creatine, and more. This means if the sample were to come under and further scrutiny, the fake stuff would appear to be the real thing. Additionally, the imposter pee is chemically colored to resemble healthy urine – as to not raise any additional suspicions – and is carried either against the body or with a small heating pad to replicate proper temperature.

Synthetic urine is used for plenty more than just beating drug tests. Medical students across the globe use the fake stuff to test their abilities in determining chemical makeup and testing for specific elements within the urine. On the less serious side, synthetic urine can be used as a home animal-repellant, and while the real stuff is technically free, it is probably best for gardeners and landscapers to avoid being caught watering the lawn with their own supply.

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Picking the Right Synthetic Urine

Reagent Strip for Urinalysis , Routine Urinalysis, check-up analysis in laboratory. iStock / BENCHAMAT1234

So, we know synthetic urine is supposed to be as near identical to the real stuff as possible, just without the telltale chemical traces of cannabis consumption. Unfortunately for potheads around the country, everyone has their own brand from their own shop that they say is the best. For clarification sake, there are some ways to determine what will get you out of trouble and what will keep you unemployed.

First, stick to somewhere that you have bought various products before. There are a few reasons for this, but most importantly you will know everything they pass along will be exactly what it says – not cheap knock-offs. There is a lot of fake fake pee out there, and trusting your dealer is definitely the way to go. Another major benefit to buying from your normal shop is price.

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Synthetic urine is more expensive in the stores, typically going for around $40, than online where it retails for just over half of that. But if your local shop is carrying it, that $15 extra paid could be the difference between passing and failing.

Next, make sure the way to carry your synthetic urine is allowed by the testing facility. Typically, fake pee needs to be kept around or just under 100ºF to fool the tests – nurses are even instructed to feel the temperature of the cup to quickly identify bad fakes. Most fake pee comes with some kind of small, body-safe heating element that is used to ensure the sample is kept at the proper temperature.

Don't Forget The Uric Acid

This is a urine dipstick being read by a medical professional.  This test would be used to determine the presence of several medical conditions.  Serial numbers removed from bottle. iStock / daveRN

Finally, make sure your synthetic urine has uric acid! Some knockoffs are sold without this key test-fooling addition, and your plan could go up in flames if you skimp on the product. One of the easiest ways to get caught is to be lazy, and not checking for the addition of uric acid could be the dumbest thing you have done since thinking switching dispensaries was a good idea.

Dehydrated urine can also make a handy, long-lasting substitute if you have plenty of time, patience, and most importantly, privacy. Unlike its synthetic counterpart, dehydrated urine is real pee that goes through a lengthy process to remove every single trace of liquid. This allows you, the user, to keep your safety net on your shelf for a rainy – test-filled – day.

While the dehydrated stuff has been found to be 100% successful when used correctly, the final caveat is the most difficult – do you have the necessary time and space to get your dehydrated pee rehydrated and ready to rock.