College, many of us remember, had its fair share of pot smoking, keg standing, and pajama wearing to history finals. Yes, marijuana on a campus has always been a thing: it’s higher education, after all. But, with the recent legalization of pot both recreationally and medically, it’s grown easier to obtain and that makes it an even more perpetual presence. Back in our day, there were no dispensaries – we had to walk up hill both ways, through the snow to get to our roommate’s cousin’s basement.

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In fact, per a study conducted by the University of Michigan, daily use of cannabis by college students is on the rise

– now more students smoke pot regularly than they do cigarettes. In their survey, they found that one in every seventeen college students smokes pot every day. This is a trend that’s been increasing since 2006, not only in regards to daily use put also once a month use: around 34 percent of college students admit to occasional indulgence (does that mean 66 percent of college students lie?).

Cannabis and college, yep it's a thing

Still, this isn’t an across the board phenomenon; not every school everywhere is seeing an increase in pot smoking. Some schools are simply more canna-friendly than others. Some of these include: Pitzer College: Located in Claremont, California, Pitzer College is a liberal arts college known for welcoming weed with open arms. Now that California has legalized recreational use, those open arms will probably widen. University of Colorado at Boulder: My alma mater (what’s up, Ralphie!), Boulder has always been known as a cannabis haven. Long before legalization, weed was never hardCollege and cannabis, University of Colorado to find; smoking a bowl is practically a graduation requirement.

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The 4/20 smoke-out was at its prime years before you could walk into a dispensary

Colorado College: Nestled in Colorado Springs, Colorado College is home to a lot of weed smoking. This may surprise some people, as Colorado Springs is one of the most conservative cities in the Centennial State. But, while Colorado Springs does outlaw recreational sales inside city limits, Manitou Springs doesn’t. And that’s only seven miles away. Evergreen State College: Olympia, Washington’s Evergreen State College lives up to its name, keeping itself green forever. While it was always known as a pot-friendly university, now that the Northwest has legalized, everyone celebrates cannabis a little more openly. Hip, hip, Harlequin! Skidmore College: Skidmore College is located in Saratoga Springs, New York. It’s a small liberal arts college known for things like coffee and cannabis, sandals and veganism. People toss around a lot of Frisbees too. Ithaca College: Inside Ithaca, New York, Ithaca college is very weed-welcoming

Some lists claim it’s the most pot-friendly school in all of the nation

They might not advertise that on their collegiate website, but people talk, especially after a strain dominated by sativa. Bard College: Another New York-based university, Bard College is a private liberal arts college located in Red Hook. The campus is situated between the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains, a beautiful area regardless if you’re baked or not. Students report a lot of pot smoking, but also say it’s not hard to avoid either. The University of Vermont: A school that ranks high on the pro-pot list, weed flows freely when class is in session (but disappears a little during vacation times). The town of Burlington itself is rather open minded about ganja…a trend that carries over to the state. Per The Cannabist, Vermont recently introduced a bill that would legalize marijuana for recreational use. Lewis and Clark College: One would guess that most colleges in Portland, Oregon are welcoming of weed and Lewis and Clark is no exception. Students enrolled here “discover” lots of pot users, but plenty of people who don’t indulge too. There’s also, reportedly, not a lot of pressure to partake if you don’t want to, which is good (since this is college and not eighth grade). University of California Santa Cruz: As mentioned above, California recently legalized recreational weed, setting up every school in the Golden State to become even more pot-friendly. But the University of California Santa Cruz already has this reputation. It’s not the only one, either: most of the ten campuses in the University of California system are known as being more for pot than they are against it.

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The Least Pot-Friendly Schools

Of course, just as there are schools where cannabis flows freely, there are those with strict anti-drug mandates. According to College Magazine, some of the most pot-unfriendly schools in the US include: Liberty University: Located in Lynchburg, Virginia, Liberty University is an evangelical, conservative university that forbids drug, alcohol, and tobacco use. If you get caught getting high, the odds will also be high – odds of expulsion, that is. Harding: Harding is a small, Christian school located in Searcy, Arkansas. They maintain anti-drug policies that extend to all kinds of alcohol.

Students aren’t allowed to indulge either on or off campus

And, in what makes one question privacy laws, the university is able to conduct a urine test or a polygraph on students at any time. Worrisome, since it’s very possible to fail a polygraph when you’re completely innocent. All the military academies: All military academies – from Annapolis to West Point – tend to have rigid rules about drug use. However, some amount of leniency has recently emerged. As reported in the Military Times, the Air Force Academy recently college and cannabis eased its restrictions on past marijuana consumption. The Times reports, “The (Air Force) is no longer considering how long it has been since airman used marijuana prior to service.” Active military personnel are still expected to fully abstain, but prior use is now deemed irrelevant. Brigham Young University: Not surprisingly, both the university located in Provo, Utah and the one in Idaho (the second largest of the BYU campuses), don’t allow students to smoke up.

Other things that are prohibited include alcohol (not even if you’re of age and drinking a beer off campus), tea, and coffee

The latter is enough to make most people wonder how anyone at BYU ever survives finals, midterms, or 8:00 a.m. classes.