Cannabis culture is just that- a culture and as with every culture, we have our own distinct “rules” and “social taboos.” If you are a marijuana novice, these forms of etiquette may not be completely obvious leading to some social faux pas, but don’t worry! We’ve all been there! Here are some guidelines to help ease you into the cannabis culture with minimal disruption!

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Do Your Part, Be Polite.

If possible, when smoking in a group, try to contribute. Whether you bring some of your own stash to share, contribute sodas or water, or provide the munchie satiating food supplies, find a way to contribute to the fun!

Peer Pressure is So Last Season!

As awesome as you may find the cannabis experience, someone else may not be into it or perhaps cannot partake due to their job or religious preference. Whatever their reason, it’s irrelevant. If someone doesn’t want to participate, don’t pressure them!

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Take It Easy On The Rookies.

Not everyone is a cannabis expert but everyone should feel welcome! Don’t hassle the newbie just because they don’t know the ways of the circle yet! Offer them a water for their coughing fit and move on!

Remove the Roughage!

Whether you’re providing the weed, rolling the joint, or packing the bowl, if you see stems and seeds, be a sweetie and fish em out! Nobody likes a popcorn joint or the nasty taste of burnt stem.

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Keep It Clean.

Don’t mix in other substances, like tobacco, without gaining consent of everyone!

Defer the Roll!

This one’s pretty simple, if you can’t roll, don’t roll! Let a more experienced participant do the honors so that everyone can enjoy a quality joint.

A Crutch is Not a Bad Thing!

polite cannabis useEmbrace the crutch! You can make one from pretty much any paper product and it makes for a much more enjoyable experience for everyone. No need to face down the dreaded soggy ends and scooby snacks.  

Roller’s Rights

Generally speaking, If you roll the join or pack the bowl, you have dibs on the first hit. So light it up unless you choose to defer to #9.

A Little Courtesy Goes a Long Way!

While the person who rolled the joint or packed the bowl generally has first dibs, it’s considered courteous to offer the first hit to guests or the host. It's a small gesture that everyone appreciates!

Keep it Green!

This goes back to that courtesy thing! If you’re taking the first hit, don’t torch the whole bowl! Gently corner the bowl instead. This allows more people get a fresh green hit.

Keep it Dry!

Seriously, nobody wants to swap spit with you! Wipe off the piece if you need to, but keep your saliva to yourself!

Puff, Puff, Pass...

It’s universally understood that with a joint you should take two puffs and pass it along. If you’re using a pipe or bong, take a single hit and let the next person in on the fun! Which brings us to #13...

Don’t Camp On the Joint!

We’ve all been there. We’re feeling chatty and carrying on a truly fascinating conversation, but pay attention! Don’t bogart the weed while you finish your story or forget you’re holding the goods!

Ash Before You Pass.

Here we go with this courtesy thing again. Be a thoughtful pothead and ash before you pass! Nobody wants to have to wait to ash before they partake because the last person just isn’t doing their fair share of the work!

Don’t Pass It if It’s Cashed

Just don’t. If it’s cashed, pass it back to the owner. If you aren’t sure if a bowl is cashed, give the next person a heads up. The same applies to passing a roach. If it’s done, it’s done. Passing it on is just a cruel tease!

See a Run? Fix It?

A run on a joint is when it starts to burn lopsided or faster on one side than the other.  Try to light it on the long side and moisten the short spot so it begins to burn evenly rather than ignoring it and making it worse.

Pass to the Left

This one is an oldie but a goodie. Continuously passing to the left, keeps the rotation in order even when everyone’s a little too stoned to be keeping track. This way, everyone gets a turn!

Clear the Chamber.

Nobody wants to suck up stale smoke. It tastes like crap and it’s like getting someone’s sloppy seconds.

Don’t Share the Sickness

If you’re sick, bring your own piece or sit this one out. Nobody wants to inherit your cold or sore throat because you were being inconsiderate.

House Rules!

Seriously, respect your environment. If you’re in someone else’s house, ask permission. Be cognizant of furniture and the mess you make. Clean up after yourself and try to leave the place better than you found it!

polite cannabis useYou Break It, You Buy It!

Glass pieces can be expensive and sometimes sentimental. Be careful and if you do happen to accidently damage someone’s piece, offer to replace it or reimburse them.

Keep It To Yourself.

Blowing smoke in everyone’s face is just rude. Tilt your head and exhale away from your fellow smokers.

Mark Your Edibles.

Nobody wants to accidently ingest three pot brownies thinking they’re just yummy, innocent treats. Clearly mark all cannabis infused snacks!

Keep the Kids Out of It!

If you’re in a household that has children, smoke out of the view/smell of the kiddos and keep your stash locked up!

Return it Stocked.

This last one is just a nice gesture, but if someone has been gracious enough to share their piece, return it to them with a nice fresh bowl of your finest. It’s the little gestures that count! So, there you go. Your complete guide to being a polite stoner! Go forth and partake!