How to Pass a Supervised Drug Test

Your odds aren't looking great, but let's give you a fighting chance!

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Even in states where marijuana is legal for recreational use, employers may still choose to drug test potential employees as part of the hiring process. This can be frightening for someone who is cut out for the job but knows they won’t pass the drug test portion of the hiring process. 

The only surefire way to pass a drug test is to have no trace of drugs in your system. Unfortunately, metabolizing THC can be a long process, especially for heavy users who have seen positives nearly 30 days after their last consumption. 

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If a drug test is coming up, this information might be bad news. Don’t fret just yet, though. There may be a way to pass a supervised drug test when your urine says otherwise. 

Types of urine collection drug tests

If you’re reading about how to pass a supervised drug test, chances are you’re planning to provide a urine sample. Urine tests are the most common form of drug testing used by employers

In some cases, you may need to be supervised for urine collection. This may vary based on the location and why supervision is necessary. If your upcoming test is a Direct Observed Collection, you will be watched by a staff member of the same gender. 

The Specimen Collection Handbook states that for a Direct Observed Collection, “The observer must directly watch the urine go from the donor’s body into the collection container. The use of mirrors or video cameras is not permitted. If the donor fails to follow the observer’s instructions related to the direct observed collection, this is considered a refusal to test.”

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Without going into too many details, if you have a Direct Observed Collection coming up, your options for passing are limited. Your best bet is to stop consuming in an appropriate amount of time before the test. 

The test may also be a Monitored Collection, where the monitor accompanies the donor into the restroom, and secures the restroom to ensure that no one else can enter during the collection process.”

 The monitor remains in the restroom with the person being tested, but they do not enter the stall. Instead, they listen for signs of tampering with the collection process. This is the kind of test that users may pass if they do everything right. 

But remember, the only surefire way to pass a drug test is to not have anything in your system. These suggestions are just that – suggestions. 

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How to pass a supervised drug test 

Your options to pass a supervised drug test if you know you won’t pass on your own are to either ingest something, add something to the urine after collecting, or to bring in a urine substitute. 

If you’re being directly observed, the only option that could potentially work is to ingest something to change or dilute the urine before collecting the sample.


Keep in mind, some quick-fix supplements don’t work and may even be dangerous.

Dilution and tampered samples are easily detectable by discolored urine, unusual creatine content, and other factors. Labs know what to look for. 

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Synthetic Urine

If you’re not being directly observed, but instead monitored from outside the stall, you may be able to bring in a urine substitute.

However, some drug testing labs look for synthetic substances or alterations to urine, so it may be risky to bring in a urine substitute. 

Someone Else’s Urine

Less risky is bringing a non-drug user’s urine. The person collecting specimens will only know it’s been tampered with if the temperature is off. If you can keep the urine at an ideal warm temperature, this is your best bet. There are devices made to store the urine or subjects can try using a condom or latex glove to keep the urine stored in a discreet place. 

Keep in mind that if you’re being monitored, the worker will be paying attention for signs of tampering. Bringing in someone else’s urine could easily lead to trouble or a big mess. Use your best judgment, and if you have time to prepare for a supervised test, your best bet is to quit consumption for a while. 

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