Disclaimer: We're committed to providing the most accurate and trustworthy reviews to our readers. While this article could contain sponsored links, we only review products that we believe will help our readership. When I began to look at acquiring my Missouri Medical Cannabis Card, I was a bit anxious at how the process would work, who I could trust, and how quickly it could be done.  I didn’t want to go to a doctor’s office and wait all day to be seen only to be rushed out the door. I wanted a quality visit with a doctor that cared about my certification and how it was going to help me mend chronic pain I have suffered for years. In my search, I came across NuggMD. NuggMD operates a unique service: they provide a doctor’s certification from the comfort of my own home all through video chat.  This seemed too good to be true, so I decided I would give them a try.

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About NuggMD

NuggMD has helped over 600,000 cannabis patients receive a doctor’s certification for medical cannabis in California, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, and Missouri.  Knowing they were a legit company with amazing reviews from other cannabis patients across the country helped to ease my mind a bit.  NuggMD has an easy and simple process, with doctors that seemed to actually care about my wellbeing.  They even offered to schedule follow up visits with my certifying doctor in the future! This is really rare! It's great to know that I will be able to talk with my doctor about my condition at any time in the future and not just once a year when I need another certification.    

How it Works

The long waits at doctor’s offices are over.  The new, technology-driven and convenient access to doctors are here. NuggMd requires no appointment.  They're open 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., 7 days a week. All I had to do was go to their website and begin the process.  Once I was registered, I took a quick questionnaire about my health issues and what condition cannabis helps me with. From this point, I was put into a virtual waiting room where I had to hang out until the doctor was ready to see me, which was only about 5 minutes.  I was connected with Dr. Zahara, who's calmness put me at ease. I was comfortable communicating my health issues and relaying how cannabis was one of the only things that helped me sleep, eat, and feel comfortable when my pain flared. Dr. Zahara was extremely understanding and really listened to me. He asked me pretty reasonable questions about whether or not I was pregnant or attempting to become pregnant. He asked about current medications I was on, just to make sure there would be no interference.  After the video chat with Dr. Zahara, it only took 24 hours to receive the certification via e-mail. 

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Overall Feelings

NuggMD was very professional to me and I think would provide a similar experience to other cannabis patients.  They believe in cannabis and want to make it accessible to as many patients as they can, all while helping to end the stigma that still sometimes clouds this amazing plant.  With knowledgeable doctors, and friendly customer service they are paving the way for patients to make their own choices when treating their medical ailments.  NuggMD is backed by the Better Business Bureau and strives to be one of the top certifying companies in the market.   If you are like me and want a new-age approach to cannabis certifications, NuggMD is the place.   What seems too good to be true with NuggMD is actually just good, quality service.  If you want a fast, quality, and professional experience, NuggMD is the service to try out.