Mike Tyson has been many things in his life – a boxing champion, a convicted felon, the butt of the joke for biting off an opponent’s ear, an actor who nailed his Phil Collins drum solo, a man on the road to redemption. And now, he is a cannabis entrepreneur.

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Indica Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson Opens Cannabis FarmTyson is not only ready to construct a new grow facility, but he’s also ready to train others on the magic that is cannabis. Yep, “Iron Mike” is turning into “Indica Mike,” and he’s going big. Tyson is teaming up with Robert Hickman and Jake Strommen to solidify the financial end of his endeavor.  He also has California City major Jennifer Wood tossing her support into his ring. So, what does the former boxer have on the ropes?

Desert Oasis

A 40-acre plot located in the deserts of Los Angeles. This is where he’s set to establish Tyson Ranch, a ranch that includes a field for growing, studying, and researching the science behind marijuana. It’s a ranch dedicated to progress – Tyson, like most pot proponents – hopes to make a difference by helping cannabis become better understood and more accessible to those who need it and can use it. It’s rumored that only about half of the 40 acres will be used for the actual ranch, but there’s plenty of planning being done.

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Some of the features planned include a supply store, a campground, an edible factory, and an amphitheater. It will also include the Tyson Cultivation School which will allow students of the herb to learn the latest methods of cannabis production and teach growers how to grow while keeping up with technology. Tyson Holistic, a separate business of Tyson’s, will manage the ranch with the goal to “work to improve the medical research and treatment of the plant.” They’ll have a specific focus on helping men and women who have suffered from trauma endured during military service. Another goal is to “allow master growers to have maximum control of their environment.”

A City Revitalized

Tyson Ranch is located in California CityGround broke on December 20th and the expectations are high. Some believe that Tyson Ranch could provide a rebirth for California City, a city of only about 14,000 people. While it was expected to be much larger when it was originally incorporated, that growth never really took off. Recent years have shown promise, however, and locals are hopeful that Tyson can act as the catalyst that turns things around for good. The city itself is located about sixty miles from Death Valley National Park.

Proposition 64

Of course, all the above comes about because of good old Proposition 64. Passed in 2016, the proposition legalized marijuana recreationally in California. This isn’t to say everyone is on board with weed – the measure did pass, but not by a landslide. It’s just to say the majority is on board (or at least tolerant about cannabis because of the tax benefits).

Besides, California has long been progressive about pot. They had medical marijuana back in the olden days of 1996, years before most other states set up their programs. So, Golden Goat recreationally legal in the Golden State? It was only a matter of time. Still, some governments aren’t exactly singing songs of joy.  Some of them have sat by quietly while others have been vocal opponents.Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper opposes legalizationJohn Hickenlooper, governor of Colorado, was among those who were not happy that citizens legalized. But, as others have pointed out, he’s a beer guy, someone who made his fortune in an industry that marijuana threatens. He’s also likely to run for president sometime in the nearish future, another thing that may factor into his opposition. Regardless of what the politicians or naysayers think, the citizens have spoken.

Mike Tyson isn’t only listening, he’s grabbing the megaphone. If he’s hoping to be a heavyweight in the industry, it looks like he’s getting a pretty fast start. His new focus provides him with the opportunity to do much good. Since cannabis is projected to be a billion-dollar industry in California, it also provides him with the opportunity to secure a proverbial fat purse.