Getting Into The Weeds With Tommy Chong - Pt. 2

In Episode 8, Part 2, of Into the Weeds we continued our conversation with legendary cannabis advocate and comedian Tommy Chong to hear his wild stories about his incarceration in the Californian desert and how his Christian upbringing in the Canadian countryside shaped his spiritual beliefs and thoughts on energy.

Chong’s easy going demeanor and honest nature makes for interesting conversation, including a candid story about how he ended up mentoring cellmate, Jordan Belfort – better known as the Wolf of Wall Street – as the prison often paired celebrities together. Tommy also made friends with the prison gardener, and through this relationship ended up making bongs from clay found in the garden, which he eventually fired in his own handmade kiln.

Famous for his Cheech & Chong films and comedy albums and later praised for his role as hilarious stoner character Leo on the popular sitcom That ‘70s Show, Chong shares his personal thoughts about consuming cannabis, and the health benefits of cannabis when he was fighting cancer.

Tommy Chong continues to be an influential figure in the medical and recreational cannabis industry and uses his podcast and public platform positively to advocate for the legalization of cannabis in the U.S. and the health benefits of using cannabis.

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