We get it: you miss having a quality smoke session with your buddies. While there is nothing quite like seeing your friends in-person, there are an array of virtual tools at our fingertips to help get you through these tough times.  Whether you just want to smoke a joint with your best friend or you want to get a group together for a high game night, there’s an app out there for every situation. Let’s take a closer look at some of our favs and how to create the ultimate virtual smoke sesh experience. 

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Virtual Smoke Session Basics

In order to make the most of your time on the world wide web, you’ll want to make sure that you are prepared by: 

  • Coordinating a time and virtual meeting place: Perhaps the most important step, is to actually let your friends know when and where to meet up for your virtual hang. Coordinate a time that works best for everyone so you can pack in as much fun as possible. 
  • Checking your wifi connection: If you plan to use the internet to host your virtual session, make sure to check that your wifi is performing at its best — no one wants to miss out on an inside-joke-worthy moment becuase of a shaky connection. 
  • Stocking up on weed: The whole point of a virtual smoke sesh is to smoke some weed, duh. So roll yourself a personal joint beforehand or have some green at the ready for a smooth experience. 
  • Preparing your snacks: It’s not everyday that you get all your smoking buddies together, so make the most of it by preparing yourself a spread of snacks — and don’t forget the drinks! Whether alcoholic or non, be prepared for when dry mouth strikes. 
  • Getting dressed: This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is far too easy these days to spend all day in your bathrobe. Show your friends that they matter by putting on an outfit that both makes you feel and look good. 
  • Getting creative: Make this a hangout to remember by getting creative. Perhaps make it a themed costume party with prizes for the best look, or have a DIY trivia night with questions you find on the internet. No matter what seems fitting for your friend group, use your imagination to create an experience that will make it feel like life is kind of normal for a second. 

While all of these steps are certain to take your online hangout to the next level, the most important thing is just to have fun — and pick the right app to meet all of your entertainment requirements. 

Best Online Apps For Virtual Hangouts

As we gradually move to a more remote society, technology has worked tirelessly to keep up with our social needs. From group gaming apps to applications that sync up your movie marathons, these free online applications are here to facilitate the ultimate virtual hangout. 

Best For Chatting and Simple Hangs 

For those one-on-one smoke sessions or daily catchups, there are plenty of user-friendly options for moments. Google Duo offers face-to-face with up to eight people (works for both Android and iOS), while FaceTime for iOS can accommodate up to 32 of your closest pals. You can also video chat up to four people at a time on WhatsApp if your smoking ciricle is intimate. If you’re more of the silent type, Instagram also recently launched Co-Watching. It’s a new feature that allows you to view posts together with friends over video chat because endlessly scrolling doesn’t have to be a solo activity. 

Best For A Movie Marathon

Grab the popcorn and the fattest joint you can find: it’s movie marathon time! The Chrome extension Netflix Party allows you to watch any show from the streaming service with friends online. The synchronized video playback pauses, plays and stops for everyone (ideal for snack, smoke, and bathroom breaks) and there’s even a group chat feature.  Not sure what to watch? Check out our list of The 10 Essential Movies That Every Stoner Needs To Watch High

Best For Game Night

Games and weed go together like wine and cheese. Make an account on Houseparty, an app that offers free video calling in addition to trivia games and timeless favorites like Pictionary, and both you and your friends will be entertained for hours.  You can also play games remotely with Jackbox Games – just connect on any video conferencing platform like Zoom and share screens. With free voice, text chat, and video chat options available, Discord has also made a name for itself within the online gaming community. 

Final Thoughts

With so many online tools in our social arsenal, there is no excuse to not get together with your friends for a virtual smoking session. While it’s not quite the same as passing the joint to your best friend on the couch, an online hangout can be just as fun with the right planning—so get out there and try it for yourself.