Making firecrackers is one of the easiest and most versatile ways to use cannabis ever. It is composed of simple ingredients, but don’t be fooled; this tame-looking sandwich cookie packs a powerful punch. Nature’s perfect combination—graham crackers, peanut butter, and cannabis— come together to form a THC-infused version of a favorite summer camp treat. Want to know how to make firecrackers for yourself? Try our easy firecracker recipe!

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Firecracker Recipe

Prep time: <5 min. Cook time: 25 min.

Ingredients Per Serving:


1. Preheat oven or toaster oven to 250°F.

How to make Firecrackers infographic, step 1 Source: Wikileaf
2. Grind your desired amount of weed and spread out onto a foil-lined baking tray.
How to make Firecrackers infographic, step 2 Source: Wikileaf
3. Bake for 10 minutes. Remove from oven and allow to cool.
How to make Firecrackers infographic, step 3 Source: Wikileaf
4. Turn oven up to 300°F.
How to make Firecrackers infographic, step 4 Source: Wikileaf
5. Break one graham cracker into two halves. 
How to make Firecrackers infographic, step 5 Source: Wikileaf
6. Spread a generous dab of peanut butter onto both sections.
How to make Firecrackers infographic, step 6 Source: Wikileaf
7. Sprinkle the toasted weed on one section and use a knife or spoon to gently incorporate into the peanut butter.
How to make Firecrackers infographic, step 7 Source: Wikileaf
8. Sandwich the two halves together and wrap securely in aluminum foil.
How to make Firecrackers infographic, step 8 Source: Wikileaf
9. Bake for another 15 minutes. Let cool before eating.
How to make Firecrackers infographic, step 9 Source: Wikileaf
Optional: Top with honey, maple syrup, Nutella, or sliced bananas for a hint of sweetness. Serve with a glass of milk or your favorite milk alternative!

Remember, the effects of edibles can take an hour or more to kick in. Watch two or three episodes on Netflix and see how you feel before you start thinking about eating a second serving. If you follow the above recipe, you can expect to experience a powerful and long-lasting effect.

How to Make Your Firecrackers Better

Want to make one of the best edible recipes even better? Start with organic peanut butter. It generally has a higher healthy fat content and is made without pesticides or artificial ingredients. You can also find more health-conscious varieties of graham crackers or other sandwich crackers.

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High-quality, healthful ingredients will make you feel even better about your edible treats, especially if you use cannabis for medical reasons. Pay close attention to your serving size. Weigh your bud before placing it in the oven. If you have low tolerance, it is best to start with half a gram or less. Regular users will likely feel powerful effects with about a one-gram serving.

The toasty flavor of decarbed bud is pleasant for some, and unbearable for others. If you fall into the latter category, use a larger serving of peanut butter. You can also experience the same effects with a more subtle flavor by splitting up your cannabis and adding it to two sandwich cookies instead of one.

Why Make Firecrackers Over Other Edibles?

You don’t have to know how to cook. Have you stayed away from making edibles before because you have a tendency to burn spaghetti? Perhaps your prior attempts at pot brownies sank in the middle and tasted like hot grass.

You’re not alone. You don’t have to be a seasoned chef to make these easy and delicious edibles. If you can work a timer and a toaster oven, you can make firecrackers! It takes less time than traditional edibles. Many cannabis recipes require you to take the time-consuming first step of creating cannabutter (cannabis-infused with a fat like butter or coconut oil) before adding this ingredient to baked desserts or other recipes.

Creating cannabutter can take three hours or longer! If you don’t have that kind of time(or patience), firecrackers are the perfect recipe. They take about thirty minutes and don’t require the use of cannabutter. Practically no cleanup!

Even if you’re a whiz in the kitchen, nobody enjoys scrubbing pots and pans. Firecrackers require only a grinder, some foil, and a baking sheet. After you’re finished cooking, just rinse the tray and toss the foil. You may also have to brush some crumbs off of your shirt.

You control your serving. Firecrackers are as delicious as they are customizable. Every serving can be dosed according to the user’s preference. You can make your own firecrackers stronger or more subtle according to your desired experience.

We also offer suggestions to customize the flavor of your firecrackers. These medicated treats are great for small gatherings or a staycation alone because you don’t have to make a dozen cookies or a whole pan of brownies!  

How do Firecrackers Work?

You may be thinking: “If it’s that easy, will it really work?” Firecrackers employ the same basic principles as other edibles, decarboxylationand fat-infusion, to produce a stronger and longer-lasting high than smoking a joint, for example. Here’s why:

Decarboxylation: This is a chemical reaction that converts THCA, the cannabinoid found abundantly in raw cannabis, into THC. This compound is the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana which causes its mind-altering effects. When you smoke dry flower, the heat from your lighter decarbs your weed. In the process, some potency is lost because the flame burns off some of the cannabinoids.

When creating edibles, you decarboxylate the flower at a lower temperature over a longer period of time. When done correctly, this preserves a higher percentage of the cannabinoids. There are varying reports on the ideal temperature to decarboxylate cannabis.

Our recipe recommends decarbing at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Between 225 and 250 degrees is the ideal temperature range for maximum potency. At higher temperatures, you risk burning off cannabinoids, and lower heat levels will not decarb as effectively.

Fat-infusion: THC absorbs into the body more effectively when incorporated into a carrier oil such as butter, coconut oil, or olive oil. This is the reason many other cannabis edible recipes call for the use of canna oil. Fats help protect the cannabinoids from breaking down in your stomach acid, which allows THC to be better absorbed by your body.

The fat found in peanut butter serves as a carrier oil for firecrackers, which is why you can skip making cannabutter and still experience profound effects in a quick and easy recipe.

Once you see for yourself how easy it is to make firecrackers, you’ll wonder why you never tried this quick and delicious edible before!