An apple pipe makes a great makeshift smoking accessory for when you find yourself short on glass or papers. Apples are easily accessible, affordable, and compostable, making them a budget-conscious and environmentally-friendly smoking choice. Don’t know how to make an apple pipe? We’ll walk you through two easy methods in this step-by-step guide.

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Classic Apple Pipe

It may take a few tries to get this one right, but once you’ve mastered this homemade smoking solution, you’ll never look at an apple the same way.  You may be tempted to add tin foil or a smoker’s screen to the top of your apple pipe or to add a longer mouthpiece made from a hollowed-out disposable pen, but it’s not necessary. Skip the metal and plastic and enjoy this all-natural method.

What you’ll need:

  • One large apple 
  • Narrow, sharp tool (bamboo/metal skewer, toothpick, etc.)
  • Paper Towel
  1. Remove the stem by pinching it at its base and twisting in only one direction until it breaks free. 
  2. Use your skewer or other sharp tools to bore a narrow hole from the top center of the apple (where the stem used to be) straight down until you get halfway through the core of the apple. Ideally, this hole should be big enough for a grain of rice to pass through.
  3. Use your tool to make 6 to 8 additional holes in a circle around the first hole. Press them straight down to the same depth as the first. Try not to mash the center of the apple in the process. You want to maintain the natural bowl-like shape of the top of the apple to hold your weed later.
  4. Create a mouthpiece by gently hollowing out a hole from the side of the apple into the core. You want to make sure the hollow shaft intersects with the holes you made in the previous two steps. Try to place the mouthpiece at a right angle to help keep your face as far away from the bowl head as possible. This hole should be approximately big enough for a green pea to pass through. 
  5. Dab away any moisture from the apple with a paper towel and test the airflow by taking a pull from the mouthpiece. If the flow of air feels obstructed, use your skewer to deepen the holes.
  6. Once air passes smoothly through your apple pipe, you’re ready to smoke! Load your weed on the top of the apple, and smoke like a regular pipe. 

Compact Apple Pipe

This updated version of the apple pipe offers a few distinct advantages. It utilizes a simpler design and only a third of a large apple, leaving the other two thirds available for your snacking pleasure.

What you’ll need:

  • Knife
  • One large apple 
  • Narrow, sharp tool (Bamboo/metal skewer, toothpick, etc.)
  • Paper Towel
  1. Cut off one-third of the apple, slicing from top to bottom. You want to cut as close to the core as possible without cutting into it. This third will be the only part of the apple you will need. Place it flat side down.
  2. Make two cuts down the length of the apple piece on either side to create straight sides for your pipe. The piece should now be about 1½ inches wide and 3 to 4 inches long, depending on the size of your apple.
  3. Flip your piece over to expose the flat side. At one end of your pipe, use your knife to carve out a small, circular bowl shape, being careful to avoid cutting all the way through the apple to the other side. It should look like it could hold a large blueberry.
  4. On the opposite end, determine a comfortable spot to create your mouthpiece. Use a skewer to bore a hole from that point until it breaks through the side of the bowl on the opposite end. This hole should be relatively narrow. For best results, it should only be wide enough for a grain of rice to pass through. 
  5. Use a paper towel to dab up any moisture and take a pull from the mouthpiece. If the flow of air feels obstructed, use your skewer to widen the hole slightly.
  6. Once air passes freely, smoke away!

What’s the Best Apple to Use?

If you’re in a pinch, any fresh apple will do. Try to use an apple without bruises or wormholes, as these imperfections could make your apple mushy inside. The more symmetrical, the better. Just like marijuana strains, different kinds of apples offer unique properties and characteristics. If you’re looking to create a premium apple pipe for a special occasion, try out one of these varieties:

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Red Delicious: The tried and true favorite, red delicious is the perfect choice for an apple pipe. The soft skin and flesh of this variety make it easy to carve. It also makes a perfect prop if you’re going to a 420-friendly Halloween party as Snow White or the Evil Queen! We recommend the red delicious apple if you plan on using the classic bong method.

Gala: This variety is similar to a Fuji apple with its sweet and delicious flavor. If you want the best-tasting bong, this apple is a perfect choice. With its tough skin and higher moisture content, however, prepare for a juicy explosion when you break this apple’s skin.

Golden Delicious: Another popular choice, golden delicious apples are semi-soft and semi-dry, which makes them incredibly easy to carve. Use either method for a crisp and sweet apple pipe.

Granny Smith: These super tart apples are most often used for baking pies, not getting baked, but don’t overlook this variety when making your next apple pipe. With the hardest, driest flesh and the toughest skin, the Granny Smith apple will hold up better and last longer than any other variety. We recommend this type if you’re using the updated apple pipe method.

Once you have mastered the techniques for how to make an apple pipe, you can get creative by using other types of produce to make your smoking devices. The next time you’re in need of an impromptu smoking device, or when you’re feeling a sweet and fruity change of pace, we hope you’ll give making your own apple pipe a try.