Ever gotten too high? Yeah, it sucks. Pretty much every cannabis consumer has been there, though. How high were you when you got too high though? Like how high is too high? If you were to put being too high on a scale of 1-10 where would that fall?

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Speaking of scales of 1-10, they’re an awesome way to measure just how high you are. From microdosing to overdoing it on the edibles, there are definitely different levels of being high on weed.

On a Scale of 1-10 (10 Being the “Highest”) …How High Are You?

1. Slight Head Change & Shift of Perception High

You know you’ve taken a hit or two, but you’re not out of your mind. You’re definitely buzzed and could feel a slight burst of energy or a bit more relaxed. It’s just a little, tiny head change however and nothing much out of the ordinary.

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2. Sort of High

You’ve undoubtedly smoked weed, feel a little higher than you did at Level 1, but again you’re not out of your mind. You know, you’re like “sorta high.” You’re feeling it for sure and might want to smoke a little bit more. Do it and you’ll move up in the whole scheme of things.

3. Lifted High

Classy Stoner WomanThere is no doubt that you’re feeling the effects of what you’ve just toked. You’re lifted. Elevated in body and mind. There’s no longer any “sorta” about it. Make no mistake, you’ve definitely smoked weed and are feeling its euphoric effects. But you’re still not out of your head high. Just lifted and content.

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4. Pretty High

You know when you’re “pretty high” but can still function and get sh*t done? Welcome to Level 4 on the How High Are You Scale. You’re aware the weed is definitely working…maybe your thoughts have become a bit more random and you’re feeling the effects enough to wonder if anyone will notice. Being “pretty high” can be pretty fun. Perception has def changed and the cerebral effects of whatever strain you’re smoking have probably kicked into gear.

5. Really High

So highYou know it when it happens. You’re really high. Maybe your body is buzzing different than it usually does. Maybe you can’t keep your thoughts focused on what you’re supposed to be doing at the moment. If you have to talk to someone who isn’t high, you’re sure they know you are. Maybe you’re just staring off into space, lost in the random thoughts in your mind. Being really high can be really fun, especially if you don’t have anything largely responsible that needs to get done. Except maybe make something to eat because you’re suddenly starving.

6. Stoned

When you reach Level 6 you’re stoned, man. You know when your eyes feel heavy and the couch calls you closer? Most cannabis consumers have been stoned high before, but if they haven’t it might be a bit of an uncomfortable experience. It’s all good though. If you feel like you’re “too high” at this point, just do your best to relax. Maybe your thought patterns have started to change and you’re having trouble concentrating. Being stoned high can also make you zone out for short periods.

7. Baked

You're baked!Once you’re baked, you’re beyond just stoned. Perception by this point is totally out of whack and everything might feel amplified. What was it you were supposed to be doing today? Forget about it for a few hours if you can…getting baked can take a bit to come back from. Couchlock by this point is common and it can prove pretty tough to get much of anything done. More experienced smokers may be fine to take care of whatever needs to get done when they’re baked, but newbies might want to do their best to chill out at this point. Maybe eat something because by now the munchies are likely to be strong.

8. Blazed

Ready to level up just a little bit higher? Reach Level 8 and you better be ready. Being blazed can make you feel out of your mind. Maybe things have taken on a bit of a psychedelic vibe. Or maybe things are straight not making any sense. Perhaps you’re hearing things that aren’t there? Being blazed is like a whole new level of weed that can knock you on your ass if you’re not ready for it. Be prepared when you make it to Level 8. It can make you feel really funky. Maybe you need a nap?

9. Dude, I Can’t Even High

Ready to lose touch with reality? Make it to Level 9 and you just might. Everything might become a bit more…illuminated. Things might stop making sense, but then you may also get random waves of understanding how the whole universe is connected. Why exactly are we here again? What is the purpose of life? Does everyone feel like this when they smoke weed? Dude, I seriously can’t even with how f-ing high I am right now…. Been there? You’ll know when you’ve made it. And while it has the potential to put you on your ass, it can also be awesomely entertaining. Enjoy it and ride it out.

10. I’m Definitely Too High High

You’re not likely to forget making it to Level 10. Ever been too high? Thankfully there are ways to overcome it, but omg. Level 10 is the high you don’t necessarily want to be. The high that typically comes from eating edibles and can literally make you feel like you took a hit of LSD. Or the high that makes you call the cops on yourself because you think you’ve overdosed and might be dead.