You know that whole "you never get a second chance to make a first impression" thing? In the ever-expanding business of cannabis, making a good first impression is vital. There’s a lot of competition out there and making your business stand out is essential to success. In Denver, there are more dispensaries than there are Starbucks and McDonald's.

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Needless to say, if you want your customers to come back (and spread the word about your dispensary), first impressions are vital. I’ve visited dozens of dispensaries in my home state of Colorado, as well as a few in Cali and Washington. I recently hit up one of the eight Lightshade locations that can be found throughout Denver. Spoiler alert: they nailed it with their first impression. We visited the Sheridan location and have nothing but positive things to say.

Lightshade dispensary logo

A Look at Lightshade: One of Denver’s Best Dispensaries

Inside of Lightshade

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Lightshade is pretty much killing the dispensary game. They won both Best Selection of Concentrates and Best Dispensary for a Native in the 2018 Westword Readers’ Choice Awards. They’ve got eight locations scattered throughout Denver, offering a convenient pot shop pit stop no matter where you happen to be in or around the Mile-High City.

Walking into the bright, welcoming building (even the parking lot felt good), I was greeted immediately by two extremely friendly front desk girls. I had some questions about my medical marijuana card and they were super helpful in giving me all the information I needed. If you happen to be a Colorado medical marijuana patient, becoming a member at Lightshade certainly has its perks. Sign over your med patient rights to Lightshade and you’ll get a $350 ounce of wax/shatter (regularly $420). Member pre-packed ounces are normally $70 but right now are only $60 as they are running their frequent member ounce special! They’ve also got $3.50 joints for members all day, as well as one $10/monthly eighth, and several other members-only specials.

It was moderately busy the day I was there, but I waited no longer than 10 minutes in a super bright, clean waiting room with plenty of chairs, magazines, plants, and free stickers. I had the pleasure of talking with the manager for a few while I waited. When I asked what set Lightshade apart from the competition, he immediately let me know that they’re adamant about ensuring that everything is in line with state laws, strictly adhering to all regulations regarding recreational and medical cannabis sales.

Aside from the legal side of things, it’s all about Lightshade’s dedication to customer service. It shows. You can feel it from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave, legal weed in hand. Every single employee was inviting, friendly, super high energy - it felt like a group of awesome people that were carefully selected then trained to offer the highest quality customer service.

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If you were looking to get a job the legal cannabis industry, Lightshade could be an awesome company to consider. They opened in 2011 as a medical dispensary and like many others have made to the transition to recreational sales as well. With almost a decade in the business, they’ve definitely been doing it right.

Lightshade’s Stash

Up close shot of Blueberry Headband strain

Lightshade has a sweet selection of everything you need to get your legal weed on. They have flower that invites you to “find your balance”, displaying a different category for the effects each strain contains. You’ll find:

  • Enliven (euphoria, focus, energy stimulant)
  • Inspire (creativity, appetite stimulant, energy stimulant)
  • Calm (elevate mood, general pain relief, relaxation)
  • Rest (sleep aid, general head and neck pain, tension relief)

As someone who typically smokes sativa, I was pleased to find my favorite strain, Durban Poison, fittingly labeled as one of their “enliven” strains. I picked up a quarter of stinky, dank, gorgeous green buds that were trimmed to perfection (trust me, I’ve trimmed a lot of weed.) And at over 23% THC, plus a tasty terpene profile, this Durban didn’t disappoint. Other strains of flower available at Lightshade when I visited included:

The selection of concentrates was also on point. Wax, shatter, live resin…everything you might need if concentrates are your thing. I bought a gram of Pineapple Express wax and (like the flower I picked up) was beyond pleased with my purchase. Lightshade also has a solid selection of edibles, crafted by some of the most popular companies in the cannabis industry. You’ll find ganja goodies from gummies, lollipops, and chocolate bars to THC-infused drinks and CBD tinctures. They also offer a wide-range of sublinguals, topicals, and bath and body products.

Do Yourself a Favor…Visit One of the 8 Lightshade Locations Next Time You’re in Denver

Lightshade Denver There are 8 Lightshade Locations throughout the Denver area…depending on which one you choose, there are plenty of things to do around Denver no matter what locations you end up at. If you’re flying in from out of town, their 40th Street location is only about 15 minutes away from the airport. Happen to be downtown?

Lightshade’s 6th Ave location is located in the heart of Denver and close to some of the best of the Mile-High City’s coolest attractions…whether you get high and stroll through the nearby Denver Botanical Gardens (highly recommended) or want to spend part of the day at the Denver Art Museum, both are right nearby. Denver offers plenty to do and there are Lightshade locations throughout the whole city no matter where you happen to end up.

If you’re looking for a day at the dispensary that doesn’t disappoint, Lightshade could easily be considered your first-choice. Not only are their prices competitive, but service is top-notch, dispensaries are clean and inviting, and their weed is fire.