There’s nothing like a good road trip. Long drives to distant destinations along the open road are one of the freest feelings there is. Whether cruising the coast with the salty ocean air breezing through open car windows, winding through mountain passes, or drifting down a dark, desert highway, road trips are the quintessential American getaway.

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With recreational weed legal in several road-trip worthy states throughout the country, taking a road trip has never been this cool for cannabis consumers. Looking to set out on the ultimate road trip this summer? What about setting out on the ultimate cannabis road trip, instead?

Travel along the pacific coastThere are plenty of extremely awesome destinations with a plethora of pot shops to choose from. Recreational weed is legal in nine states and Washington D.C., offering some super cool scenery to see where cannabis could be included. For the ultimate cannabis road trip, however, there’s nothing much better than cruising the Pacific coast.

Our ultimate cannabis road trip takes you over 1,500 miles through three stunning weed-friendly states that border the Pacific Ocean. Get ready to experience the open road like you never have before. You’ll embark on the road trip of a lifetime, hitting California, Oregon, and Washington. Ready to roll?

Days 1-2: Los Angeles to Santa Cruz, California

Drive along Highway 1You’ve got a couple options for routes to take from LA to Santa Cruz but taking your time and heading up Highway 1 is a drive you’re likely to never forget. You’ll want to give yourself a couple days for this drive as the coastline is exquisite. When in LA, hit up Green Goddess Collective in Venice Beach before you start the drive up north. Recreationally and medical friendly, this dispensary is in the heart of Venice Beach, classic California at its finest. Trip around the famous boardwalk for a bit before getting ready to head up the California coast.

Highway 1 will take you along the coast up to Santa Cruz in about 10 hours. Camp in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park and head into Santa Cruz the next day. While you’re there stop into Canna Cruz, voted the best dispensary in Northern California for two years in a row. They’re conveniently located off Highway 1, making it an easy stop before making your way further north.

Day 3-4: Santa Cruz to Arcata, California

Santa Cruz to Arcata is roughly 350 miles of classic Northern California. After heading out of Santa Cruz, stop in San Francisco. Grass Roots now sells recreational weed and is one of the most popular pot shops in San Francisco. You’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to explore all this city has to offer. Check out famous Haight-Ashbury, Fisherman’s Warf, and take a drive over the Golden Gate Bridge. You might want to stay a night before making your way up to Arcata, where you can restock your supply at Humboldt Patient Resource Center. Give yourself a day in this classic Northern California hippy town before you head out of California and into Oregon.

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Day 5-6: Arcata, California to Portland Oregon

Spend a couple of days visiting PortlandIt’s 400 miles from Arcata to Portland depending on the route you take. Staying on Highway 101 will keep you nestled close to the Pacific Ocean, with endless stretches of desolate beaches just waiting to be explored with a nice big spliff. It’s the longer route, but undoubtedly worth your time. If you decide to take the coastal route, when you get to Newport, Oregon, head east on Highway 20 to Interstate 5. From here, Portland is about an hour and a half. When in Portland, check out Urban Farmacy, one of the top-rated dispensaries in Oregon. Give yourself a day or two to explore the city before getting back on the road and heading up to Seattle.

Day 7-8: Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington

There’s a few ways to go about getting from Portland to Seattle. You can head straight up Interstate 5, which will take you about 3 hours driving. For the more adventurous (and those that have the time), stick to your coastal route on Highway 101 and be prepared for awe-inspiring scenery. The Olympic National Forest is one of the most stunning locations in Washington. Getting high and exploring this magical, fairyland could be one of the coolest things you do on your trip. The Olympic Peninsula is straight gorgeous and very road trip worthy.

From there, you can head down to Tacoma (hit up Nature’s Recreational Center while you’re there) and up into Seattle. Have a Heart is one of the most popular dispensaries in Seattle for a reason. It’s got a funky vibe and is conveniently located just a few blocks from downtown. Grab something from their huge selection of flower, prerolls, concentrates, or edibles and head over to Pike Place Market for an awesome way to spend the last day of your ultimate cannabis road trip.

Things to Keep in Mind on the Ultimate Cannabis Road Trip

This route could be one of the coolest ever taken. There is so much to explore and so much to see, you might never want to leave the open road. When out on this amazing cannabis adventure, keep in mind the legal limits each state allows. The last thing you want to do is get in trouble for having too much weed in your possession.

  • In California, adults 21 and over are allowed no more than one ounce of flower or 8 grams of concentrated cannabis.
  • In Oregon, adults 21 and over are allowed no more than one ounce of flower or 5 grams of concentrates.
  • In Washington, adults 21 and over are allowed no more than one ounce of flower or 7 grams of concentrates.

Also, keep in mind your own limits. This is a road trip, after all. As tempting as it might be, make sure to keep things safe and don’t consume cannabis while driving.