Need a Little Help In The Bedroom? Try These Strains for Boosting Female Libido!

These are the best strains for the female libido

As most of us know, libido is the term used for “sex drive.” Psychologically speaking, libido is defined as “the energy of the sexual desire as a component of the life instinct.” But most of us just consider it in more simpler terms: if your libido is high, you’re horny.

In the battle of the sexes, men often win the “libido” award – men’s sex drive is stronger than females. But there’s much more to it than just wanting to have sex and “oh sorry, I have a headache again.” A woman’s libido is more complicated than her male counterpart’s.

A Tale as Old as Time

Sex is a tale as old as time (it has to be or none of us would be here). But the tale is told differently based on the gender. For men, sex is more straightforward and simple. For women, it involves more heart and mind (instead of just body). 

Women have a much more emotional connection to sex. But they’re also influenced by society – culturally speaking, the man who is promiscuous is given a pass, even lauded by those who want to be him. The woman is all but forced to wear a scarlet letter (this double standard has improved somewhat – surely since Hester Prynne’s era – but we still have a way to go). As a result, men are more open about sex and women more secretive. And this effects libido. 

Men are more likely to want sex after a long-term relationship than their partners. This is true even in same sex relationships (gay men have more sex than lesbians). And men are also more likely to be sexually deviant. Case in point: the porn industry is geared towards them, prostitution is the oldest profession on the planet because of men, and nuns are better at staying chaste than priests (though neither appears that great at it – one study found that 49 percent of nuns admit to engaging in sexual activity while 62 percent of priests do.)

There are reasons for a woman to lose her libidoMen can lose their libido and it certainly changes as they age – a nineteen-year-old is likely to have much more sex than a ninety-year-old (especially now that Hugh Hefner has passed away). But women’s libido is especially frail.

So, what causes a woman’s libido to go from “getting it on” to “turning Netflix on”? It usually has to do with the following:

Unfulfillment in the relationship: Because women tie sex to emotions, any lack of fulfillment in the relationship will lead to a loss of libido.

Stress outside of the relationship: All kinds of stress can factor in as well – everything from stress at work to pressure from Nana to be “prim and proper.”

Low testosterone: Yep, women have testosterone too. This hormone is most prevalent in females during their twenties. Afterwards, the levels decline until menopause. Then they drastically drop.

Certain medical problems: Both physical health problems (such as fibroids and endometriosis) and mental illness (such as depression), can influence libido. Thyroid disorders can as well.

Medications: Among the most common causes of impaired libido are anti-depressants. They aren’t the only culprits, however – drugs that lower blood pressure and certain birth control pills can affect libido as well.

Age: Aging affects everything else so it may as well affect libido too. When a woman ages, the levels of androgens in her blood fall and they take libido with them.

Cannabis Strains and Libido

Wine can help with libidoThere are many ways to boost low libido – meditating, exercising, eating chocolate, drinking wine, switching up your birth control, dating Orlando Bloom, etc. But consuming cannabis also helps, especially if you fool around with one of these strains:

Purple Power

 Purple Power offers a moderate high that sticks around for a few hours after consumption (though some people report a high that is much more than “moderate” and more akin to mind-blowing). The buzz is clear but relaxing and doesn’t make you feel sedated (which your partner will appreciate). The THC hovers around 20 percent.

Chocolate Chunk

Is there anything more romantic than chocolate? (Yes, if you answered bags of cash, you are correct). Chocolate Chunk is a heavy indica and has 22 percent THC. It’s very body-focused, with a narcotic-like sedation that makes it a favorite among medical marijuana patients. Its relaxing effects make it beneficial for a roll in the hay but it doesn’t offer many cerebral effects. If you like to spend hours in deep analysis post-shag, this is not the strain for you.

Green Crack

Try green crack to boost your libidoGreek Crack offers THC that comes in around 24 percent. As many people know, this strain was originally called “Cush” but Snoop Dogg redubbed it after feeling its strong effects. It’s technically a hybrid, but it definitely has more sativa-like characteristics than indica. It boosts energy, sparks creativity, and makes even the most mundane tasks (of which sex is hopefully not) interesting.

Green Love Potion

With a name like this, how can Green Love Potion fail? Some people prefer strains with lower-THC when it comes to the female libido. Green Love Potion offers this…sort of (the amount of THC varies from 11 to 24 percent). The high is described as a bit of a “creeper” with some lag time before you feel the full effect. Of course, the full effect is dominated by buds you have – the light on THC or the full force. 

Dutch Treat

Going dutch isn’t exactly sexy, but Dutch Treat is a nice third wheel for your romantic liaison. The THC can be minimal (around 15 percent) or very potent (around 30). Either way, it’s indica-heavy and recommended for socializing, night-use, and a treat in between the sheets. The higher THC may be too much for libido – it’s more snoozing and less schmoozing.

Men will likely always have the stronger sex drive – there’s some things boys do better, some things girls do better, and few things men won’t “do.” But the above strains can help with a woman’s libido. Will they rock your world? There’s only one way to find out.

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