Given its long history with free-thinking sentiments and counter-culture lifestyles, California has long been a haven for cannabis lovers way before it was cool. With the legalization of the state’s favorite herb, California has evolved into a market giant and trendsetter within the cannabis scene.

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Some would go so far as to say, if you can make it as a brand in California, you can make it anywhere — especially in the edible market.  Edible popularity has exploded in recent years and an innumerable amount of brands vie for the coveted top spot in California’s booming edible market.

While there are an array of popular edibles on the scene, according to data juggernaut Headset there are three companies that have risen to the top as the best-selling California brands: Kiva Confections, Plus Products, and Wyld

Let’s take a closer look at what makes them so successful in such a competitive market like California. 

Kiva Confections

an assortment of Kiva edible products Source: @madebykiva
Inspired by a trip to a local chocolatier, Kiva Confections was created in 2010 by a cannabis-loving couple. They made their first chocolate bars in their own kitchen and have since entered the legal cannabis market with an array of artisanal chocolate bars like Churro Milk Chocolate and Toffee Crunch Dark Chocolate, and have even expanded their empire into cannabis-infused gummies and mints in both CBD and THC varieties — but it’s not just their flavors that keep consumers coming back.  Known for their high-quality natural ingredients, approachable brand voice, and precise dosing, Kiva Confections has quickly become a fan favorite amongst users and distributors alike across a wide range of demographics. Their name and brand has become synonymous with the gold standard in edibles today, no matter if you’re a weed newbie or cannabis connoisseur.  Try one of their chocolate bars to see where the magic started. 

Plus Products

Sugar Plum gummies on a holiday themed background Source: @plusproductsthc
When it comes to Plus Products, ingenuity is the name of the game. With a team of scientists at their disposal, Plus has created a one-of-a-kind line of gummies that are fast-acting, bursting with flavor, and perfect for medicating on-the-go.  Marked by their signature tiny square shape, Plus Products’ focus on delivering targeted results such as Sleep, Balance, and Uplift with refreshing flavors like Blackberry Tea and Grapefruit Weed enthusiasts come to them again and again for expertly blended CBD and THC options that can easily fit in your pocket. Made with care and purpose, Plus Products is the type of edible that even your Grandma would enjoy.   Pick up a tin of their Sleep CBD Gummies to see how these scientists put their love of weed to work. 


closeup of Wyld Raspberry Gummies on wood Source: @wyld_canna
Based out of Portland, Oregon Wyld’s line of edibles have made their way down to California to dominate the West Coast market. Geared for consumers that lead an adventurous life, Wyld makes bite-sized gummies and chocolates in both THC and CBD options with flavors that are reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest like Huckleberry, Elderberry, and Pomegranate. 

Whether you’re on a hike or scaling a mountain, Wyld has pinpointed their target audience with laser precision — they know who their customer is and they stick to it. Their consistent brand voice and unique flavors have in part made them the standout that they are today.  Grab their ever-popular Huckleberry Gummies to see what this brand is all about. 

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