In a world where the terse phrase "OK boomer" has become a part of the mainstream lexicon, and debt-riddled millennials are blamed for well – just about everything, the generations share some surprising similarities. A recent survey revealed that baby boomers and millennials are a lot alike in their consumption of greenery. I'm not referring to the strangely divisive avocado toast, but cannabis!  Verilife, a dispensary operator owned by Chicago-based multistate marijuana operator, PharmaCann, surveyed 1,000 baby boomers and 1,000 millennials about their cannabis preferences.  Although new and higher-tech ways to partake have come along; flower prevails for these generations. The old-fashioned way of lighting up a pipe, joint, or blunt is the preferred method for boomers and millennials alike. This may be because of familiarity since it's likely that both groups were introduced to marijuana in its purest incarnation. It could also be because flower is usually more accessible and less expensive than other options, like concentrates (otherwise known as dabs). Only 2% of millennials and 1% of boomers prefer dabs.  Each group reports spending about $27 more on cannabis monthly since the onset of COVID-19. This is on top of the average $77 a month spent pre-pandemic. Although the pandemic has drastically altered the way Americans spend money and has left some businesses floundering, the cannabis industry has proven resilient.  These generations aren't the only ones turning to cannabis amid the seemingly endless collective chaos. Many states, including Florida, have hit new records for monthly medical sales in the past few months. Additionally, the total combined recreational and medical cannabis sales in the U.S. is anticipated to break $15 billion by year's end. That's about a 40% increase from last year.  Both generations predominantly agree that marijuana has medical benefits; their opinions also coincide in their preferences for marijuana over traditional pain medications.  The most significant difference between the two groups is the reason for consumption. Baby boomers, by a long shot, said that they use marijuana for medical reasons only (50%), while nearly the same number of millennials (49%) consume solely for recreational purposes. More than 20% of each group reported using cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes.  The younger generation is more likely to smoke regularly, with about 1 in 5 considering themselves daily users, compared with just 12% of boomers. However, boomers reported a higher preference for starting the day with marijuana. According to the survey, boomers are twice as likely to wake and bake.  Jessica Lentz manages a medical cannabis dispensary in Bonita Springs, Florida, and says that the survey results accurately represent her customer base. Lentz added that the survey highlights an ongoing cultural shift in the public’s perception of marijuana.  Sure, these generations have some obvious differences. Boomers grumble about millennials wanting participation trophies, and millennials aren't too fond of the whole "hoarding wealth" thing on the boomers' end. But maybe someday, these two generations will be able to look at their similarities and stop the cross-generational griping. I mean, can't we all just get a bong?

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