If there’s ever a season with an inferiority complex, it’s probably fall. cannabis strains for fallFrom the warm sun to the long days, from the beach trips to the ice cream cones, summer is a hard act to follow. This isn’t to say autumn has nothing to offer us – if you’re a parent, tis the season to send the kids back to school! But even if you’re not a mom or dad, there’s lots of reason to “fall” for this time of year. When you throw cannabis into the mix, there are even more.

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7 Strains for That Fall Feeling

So, what cannabis goodies are apt for autumn activities? Pumpkin-spice pot or THC-infused turkey? Sure! And the following strains:

Pineapple Punch: is a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s true to its name in more ways than one. For many smokers, it does indeed taste like pineapple. But it packs a punch as well – people who aren’t experienced with strong strains should smoke with care. Those who are experienced, however, will reap the benefits of an energizing bud – it’ll give you a physical and mental boost. Use it to rake the leaves!

Green Crack: gets its name from Snoop Dogg – he coined it, per lore, for its addictive-like qualities. The original name of this strain was “Kush,” a title it still goes by in some circles (its mom still calls it that, we’ve heard). Whatever you want to call it, Green Crack gives you a trippy high that leaves you full of energy. The THC is up there, but not extraordinary so – the percent hovers around sixteen. It makes a good daytime choice.

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Are you headed to the mountains to watch the leaves turn? Take this strain with you on your nature hike

Power Plant: has proven itself powerful – it’s helped people relieve everything from migraines to depression. It’s also been helpful for fatigue, making it a good choice to use whenever you need to partake in some fall chores (those rain gutters? They aren’t going to clean themselves). It’s also a good social smoke – people often feel uplifted and happy and ready to chat about everything from their favorite television show to which team is the best in the NFL (the Denver Broncos, obvs!).  Some people find the strain a bit psychedelic – this means you may or may not want to smoke it before going into a haunted house.

Maui Waui: Users of this strain typically experience a high described as energetic and pleasant. The sativa effects have been used to relieve anxiety, depression, stress, and chronic aches and pains. They’ve been used to relieve the occasional creative block too –

If you’re looking to discover some new and fresh idea, this bud’s for you!
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Use it to decorate for your Halloween party. But, imbiber beware, it is well known for causing the munchies. So, have some good candy nearby…..none of that taffy in the black and orange wrappers. No chocolate-covered raisins, either. That’s just fruit pretending that it’s candy.

The Void: If you’re looking for a strong, euphoric high, don’t avoid The Void. It’s been known to give way to fits of the giggles. Different people do experience different effects, however. While some people report periods of energy and excitement, others experience laziness. Use it to do your Christmas shopping. If it energizes you, head to the mall. If it makes you lethargic, well, that’s why Amazon was invented.

Tahoe OG: For anyone looking for the best of both worlds – where sativa and indica rush off into the sunset skipping and holding hands – Tahoe OG will do the trick. A 50/50 mesh that, depending on grower, can lean one way or the others, Tahoe OG offers a euphoric relaxation that can, sometimes, lead to unexpected creativity. It’s good for anxiety, something you may want if your fall is particularly stressful. It’s beneficial to chronic pain too.

Pre-98 Bubba Kush: If you need a strain to help you get up and go, this one isn’t it. With a THC percentage in the upper twenties, this strain is very potent – you might not leave your couch all night. If you’re into indicas, odds are you’ll be into this one too. It’s a wise choice if you’re looking to kick back and relax after a hard day at the office (or just a day at the office). Many people who consume this strain find themselves falling asleep, but you may just experience a deep relaxation instead. cannabis strains for fall If you do, use this strain for your amusement – smoke it while watching a scary movie. The THC might up the effects of the horror – oh, that Jason guy in the hockey mask? He’s actually standing behind you. Say it with me: ch..ch…chhh…ah…ahh…ahhh. While the above strains work well for the season, fall also paves the way for other goodies.  As the weather cools off, we change our eating and drinking habits. And this changes the edibles we crave as well. Fall is a great time to try cannabis-infused coffee, tea, hot chocolate, chill, bread, turkey (more on that in an upcoming article), and soup. Speaking of the latter, here’s a recipe for cannabis-infused ramen noodles.  Because there may be nothing in the world more stoner than that.