We all know that smoking weed is a good time—so why not keep the good times rolling and do something fun with your high? Sure, imbibing in some stick-icky is amusing all on its own, but it can also enhance a range of everyday activities, and may even inspire a case of the giggles or a stroke of creative genius.

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So if you’re bored with your go-to high activities or are just curious what other stoners are up to, read on for a list of 15 Things To Do While High that are guaranteed to elevate your day. 

Binge-watch your favorite shows or movies

There’s nothing quite like chilling on your couch with a bowl of popcorn, your favorite show queued up, and a freshly rolled joint of OG Kush. All you have to do is, kick back, spark up, and enjoy the fantasy land. 

If you’re bored with TV, have some fun with it and plan a movie marathon. Maybe try a triple feature with all of The Lord of the Rings films or try watching The Avengers films in chronological order, if you’re feeling extra nerdy. No matter what you decide, give yourself a spread of snacks, a snuggly blanket, and anything else you might need to chillax for the rest of your day. 

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Play a game

Weed and video games go together like peanut butter and jelly—but have you thought of going old school with some board games? We suggest you grab a friend or two, shut off the screens for a moment, get high, and enjoy a little friendly competition. 

Have an at-home spa day

With an array of therapeutic benefits at its disposal, it just makes sense to make cannabis part of your self-care routine.  Go big and draw yourself a bubble bath with a good book or simply grab a sheet mask and meditate for a few minutes. Either way, weed is sure to take you straight to Relaxation Town. 

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Do some yoga

Stretching feels oh-so-good when you’re high. Get your happy endorphins going double-time with a simple yoga flow on Youtube or just stretch in ways that feel good to you. 

Escape into the great outdoors

Find calm and tranquility both in mind and body by taking your smoke sesh to the great outdoors. Whether it's a quick nature walk or an all-day beach extravaganza, a little fresh air and Vitamin D always does the body good. Throw some cannabis into the mix and you’re good to go. 

Have a picnic

Being outside is fun, but imagine being outside with food and weed—now that sounds like a lit time to us. Be sure to bring a blanket, pack your basket with plenty of refreshments, and plenty of weed. You may even consider bringing a speaker to play all of your favorite high jams. 

Make your own munchies (infused if you dare)

The great thing about making your own munchies is that the sky's the limit. Do you want a 5-course meal each with its own THC-infusion? You got it. You’re more of a snack kind of a stoner? Whip up a homemade take on Dorito’s or a simple bowl of buttered popcorn.  No matter what your style is, getting in the kitchen can be an entertaining way to not only satisfy your munchie cravings but also express yourself creatively. So get in there and play! 

Organize your space

Think cleaning is boring? Well, not when you’re high! Throw on some tunes, take a bong rip (maybe two), and suddenly organizing doesn’t sound so bad. You may even feel inspired to put together that IKEA furniture you’ve been putting off for months. 


Sometimes you get so high that you think you’ve left Planet Earth, so why not try some stargazing as a high activity? If you have a telescope, break it out, or simply lay back, and enjoy Mother Nature’s light show. 

Listen to music

With an innumerable amount of artists and genres to choose from, there’s music out there to fit every stoned occasion. Cue up a chill playlist for a relaxed vibe or go for a disco playlist that makes you want to put your dancing shoes on. Bonus points for actually putting those shoes on and having a high ass dance party. 

Do some gardening

Gardening not only gives you a sense of purpose as you watch over your plant babies, but it also has wellness benefits like banishing stress and anxiety and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease—and it is especially entertaining when you’re high.  Even if you don’t have a green thumb, getting your hands dirty can be a rewarding experience. If you’re new to plant parenthood, try something hearty like a snake plant or ZZ plant to get started. 

Make a masterpiece

Drugs and art just seem like a no-brainer. Invest in a fancy coloring book or freehand some paint projects to let your creative juices flow. 

Go to an art gallery or museum

Feeding your brain is important when you’re high as a kite. Find some inspiration at a local art gallery or learn something new at a nearby natural history museum. 

Get a massage

Massages are a treat no matter your circumstances. Relax into a seriously zen-like state with the help of an indica-leaning strain with a relaxing body high like Girl Scout Cookies. Your muscles will thank you later. 

Learn a smoke trick

No list of high activities would be complete without teaching yourself a smoking trick. If you want to take your smoking to a new level, figure out how to master the “French Inhale” or perfectly puff smoke rings.