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Trainwreck is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis with a spicy taste reminiscent of pepper. Like many Sativa hybrids Trainwreck provides a very intense cerebral high with effects that are mood-enhancing and euphoric.

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This strain was supposedly the creation of two Californian brothers back in the late 1970s. It is a mix of three other strains Thai (sativa), Mexican (sativa) and Afghani (indica). In its true form, Trainwreck is ninety percent Sativa and only ten percent Indica. As the story goes, the two brothers had to pull their crop early because a nasty train wreck happened near their grow site and they didn't want it discovered, thus the name.

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The strain, Trainwreck, displaying bright, green leaves with orange hairs and cloudy trichomes
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If you're into pine and citrus-flavored cannabis, Trainwreck might be for you. On your exhale, you'll notice bright, lemon tones. Some people also notice hints of menthol. The flavor and smell is certainly pungent. Trainwreck's flavor also lingers in the mouth well after toking.


What makes Trainwreck different from many other hybrid strains is that it still displays its indica effects as well - covering the body in a nice, warm, pain-numbing buzz, after the initial sativa energy and focus.

Trainwreck retains the lazy couchlock feelings of an indica and the cerebral stimulation of a sativa, making it an extremely popular and sought-after strain in cannabis dispensaries. Apart from the usual dryness of mouth and eyes, some users may experience paranoia, anxiety, and dizziness.

Even with its indica effects intact, Trainwreck still provides a mostly-sativa high to help the consumer focus or regulate stress after traumatic events. Trainwreck is also used to alleviate chronic joint aches and muscle stiffness. From many consumer accounts, only a few hits are needed to induce both the cerebral effects and a body high complete with couchlock.


Trainwreck can grow well both indoors and outdoors. Plants of this strain grow fairly tall but the Indica in them causes them fill out well. Inside grown in hydro a single plant can yield up to 500 grams in a square meter. When grown in soil outside Trainwreck plants are ready for harvesting early October and can yield up to 700 grams. This strain flowers somewhere between eight and ten weeks.

For the longest time Trainwreck was only available in clone form but more recently a few places have been able to recreate seeds of the strain. There are several others that have tried to imitate the strain under the same name, some with great success. Real Trainwreck will have thin leaves and dense buds full of resin. The buds give off a strong citrus smell as they ripen.


January 25, 2023


HEY YALL!! This strain really gives the effects stated above but if you really want to feel the effects I prefer the flower rather than a cart. This strain is fun like your running on the sand near strong waves and if you get too high that wave will sweep you up and you'll be floating for HOURS. Highly recommend if you want better focus or if you're having a bad day and need a picker upper.Hope this feedback is useful to yall and look forward to seeing other reviews on many strains ;)

October 29, 2022

KoMui Garden's

Very interesting strain...definitely will have close attention! Effects similar as explained here.

March 12, 2020


If it does not have that little menthol aftertaste, you are not smokin' Trainwreck my friend. (Super-menthol in the case of it's child the Ice Wreck strain..) 100% agree with all the "sativa with an indica effect" stuff.... It really has it's own unique style. A very hearthy, "rich" strain, like an excellent Boeuf Bourguignon. With mint jelly on the side.

July 18, 2019


I grew this strain and it went pretty much exactly as advertised. Large resin covered dense buds, very easy to grow, very resilient and smells of sweets citruses and pines. It is a lovely buzz, giving just enough indica body buzz to allow my old bones to keep up with the energized mood this strain puts me in. Lovely smoke.

July 3, 2019


I recently bought a cartridge in this strain. The couch lock was UNBELIEVABLE not a good out running “errands” smoke, but an “oh my gosh stranger things 3 comes out tonight at midnight” smoke